Website and platform owners are always on lookout for effective ways and strategies to drive more organic traffic to their website and market their contents and products to many customers throughout the web. Email Marketing Automation is one great way to do this. However, very few sites invest in marketing automation tools due to their usually high-cost.

Being able to integrate and combine Mailchimp on WordPress is a dream come true for many website owners and operators. Even though there are tons of email marketing tools out there, over 5 million users trusted MailChimp. If you’re using WordPress to power your websites, there’s a good chance you’ll be using MailChimp to communicate with your email list.

By connecting Mailchimp on WordPress, you’ll find out more ways to reach your marketing goals and grow your business. Basically, it helps you find new audiences, promote your products, boost customer loyalty, and track your sales.

Why should you use MailChimp Plugin for WordPress websites?

MailChimp is one of the very best platforms for email marketing. It allows you to create and send your subscribers customized emails and newsletters, thereby helping you to nurture a relationship with them. It is free for lists of up to 2000 subscribers, which is why for thousands of businesses it is the newsletter-service of choice.

This plugin lets you align your WordPress site closely with your Mailchimp account. MailChimp for WordPress simply integrates well. This likely explains why millions of WordPress users are connecting their Mailchimp accounts to their websites. Other reasons you would do the same are:

  • MailChimp is easy to use – Emails can be created very easily with MailChimp because you can simply drag and drop stuff. It’s super user friendly and flexible too. Also, it is well designed for non-technical people, so anyone can send out professional emails without having the need for marketing or design expertise.
  1. Feature-rich – MailChimp itself has tons of excellent features to help you with your email marketing.
  • Track sales – MailChimp lets you track your email campaigns and monitor them. This lets you know what’s going on and where you can be doing better.
  • It is affordable – Mailchimp is totally free as it allows you to get a subscriber list of 2,000 and a monthly send limit of 12,000 emails. Moreover, it’s easy to set up on any webstore and offers a low-risk introduction to the email marketing environment.

Our EDD Mailchimp Plugin for WordPress Top Picks

Mailchimp for Easy Digital Downloads

Integrate your Mailchimp Easy Digital Downloads store and gain access to the extensive features of Mailchimp ‘s eCommerce automation! This Easy Digital Downloads Mailchimp extensions offers the bridge to subscribe your customers at checkout right on your Mailchimp email marketing list.

Mailchimp is a very flexible email marketing solution designed to help you make the most out of your collected email addresses. You can also easily create a number of email automations such as triggering onboarding series, abandoned carts, sales emails, newsletters, and etc. Mailchimp provides also all the analytics to track the success of your email marketing campaigns and comes with tons of customization features that will surely be a great use on your store.

With this powerful EDD extension, you can grow your email list and systematically interact to all of them to get the utmost result and in turn, increase your sales conversion.

Key Features

  • Subscribe customers to your lists
  • Detailed eCommerce reporting
  • Segment your lists in so many ways
  • Pair Mailchimp with Free Downloads to grow your email list
  • Control your subscription process
  • Send purchase receipts through Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an incredibly powerful solution with a lot more features than we have already mentioned. For more information about what Mailchimp has to bring, check them out and see for yourself!

Mailchimp for WordPress (MC4WP)

MailChimp for WordPress is one of the most popular free plugins that integrates Mailchimp to WordPress in the WordPress plugin directory. It allows you to easily create a MailChimp list signup form, so you can keep in touch with your visitors anytime you want.

MailChimp for WordPress is one of the highest-rated solution for integration with creating subscription forms. These are produced very clean and highly customisable.

Key Features

Below are the key features of this plugin you should take note of.

  • Easy WordPress Integration
  • Excellent Sign-up Forms
  • Seamless Integration
  • Extensive Plugin Documentation
  • Developer Friendly

EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart Plugin

EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart Plugin allows you to trigger abandoned carts emails in MailChimp connected to your EDD store and motivates customers to follow through with the purhase using a unique, time-limited discount codes. The plugin measures several key performance indicators to effectively assess the effectiveness of your abandoned cart recovery process. Moreover, this plugin allows you to view the cart contents of each abandoned cart.

Key Features

Below are the key features of this plugin you should take note of.

  • Send email automation series via Mailchimp – Target those leads who abandoned their carts and set up an email series and try to get those customers to follow through with their intention to purchase. Thus, the need for a plugin that triggers such a workflow and sends abandoned cart customer data to MailChimp, and therefore will use MailChimp’s automation processes to send the email series needed for this workflow.
  • Performance Statistics of your Abandoned Cart Process – Check and track the performance statistics and key performance indicators of your abandoned cart process. These statistics will give you a better picture of the current state of your abandoned cart cycle and how the recovery workflow of your abandoned carts works for your company, and here you can get an idea of where and what to change on your side.
  • Detailed list of all abandoned carts and contents – See a complete list of all your abandoned carts, along with the information required for each entry, and take a look at the abandoned cart content to see what items your customers left on their abandoned carts.
  • Issue time-limited Discount Codes – Build exclusive time-limited discount codes automatically per prospective customer who has given up their shopping carts. This strategy can attract those customers effectively and thus increase their chances of returning to proceed with the purchase and check out using the discount codes issued.

Mailchimp Vendor Email Trigger

The MailChimp Vendor Email Trigger allows you to add to your Mailchimp Email list every new vendor registration, and flag each vendor as such. The standard EDD Mailchimp Plugin only registers clients but not vendors. Therefore, this plugin solves this gap and also ensures all of your new vendors are added to your MailChimp list and flagged as such.

This plugin is for Easy Digital Downloads Vendor Registration Process, and allows you to automatically add each new registration to a Mailchimp Email List. As this plugin ensures all of your new vendors are added to your MailChimp list, you can now easily create MailChimp campaigns just for your vendors and give them Education Series.

One good strategy to implement is to use Mailchimp to send out educational series to your vendors just after they register as vendors. This educational series must include: an introduction to your marketplace, how to sell their digital products effectively, advertising strategies, seo tips and generally selling tactics and strategies to help them out.

MailChimp Forms by MailMunch

Mailchimp plugin from MailMunch helps you build beautiful looking opt-in forms that will help you improve your conversion rate and increase your email list at blistering speeds. Find and engage easily with people who want to build a relationship with your brand and include them in your mailing list. With the intuitive WYSIWYG form builder and a multitude of placement options, you can easily build and deploy according to your needs. Also, this plugin lets you build excellent custom forms for every product or content, with the options to add as many as you want.

Key Features

  • Beautiful themes that are fully customizable. Build unlimited forms with an easy-to-use admin dashboard for any of your Mailchimp lists including multiple forms for the same list.
  • Syncs with Mailchimp lists automatically. Connect with your MailChimp account in seconds. No API keys required
  • Analytics and reporting for your MailChimp forms
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Catch your visitors right before they leave
  • Fully GDPR compliant

In no time you’ll be creating superb MailChimp opt-in forms and landing pages that never let you down and capture thousands of emails every day.


MailChimp is an all-in-one email marketing tool and their clean user interface makes it so easy to manage lists, create campaigns and review email results. 
All of the powerful features and can’t-miss benefits that Mailchimp integration offers makes it a no-brainer in the email marketing game that is continuing to grow. Start taking advantage of what Mailchimp for wordpress email marketing has to offer and use it as soon as today to grow your business and expand your outreach.