EDD Landing pages for Categories and Tags
  • Boost your SEO standing
  • Focus on Download Category and Tag pages
  • Can serve as new Landing Pages
  • Adds text field below category/tag product lists
  • Implements text editor on these pages
  • Allows to create text and information-rich content pages
EDD Landing Pages for Categories and Tags


Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) web stores come with custom category and custom tag pages, which make navigation much easier in your webstore. The normal (standard) EDD download categories and download tag pages only offer very limited editing possibilities which forgive a lot of SEO potential. E.g. there is no meaningful text editor available to add more content to pages which need to become further optimized for SEO purposes and also limiting you to only add text above the downloads listed on those pages.

For SEO purposes to work best, there needs to be an extensive text field (content) added below the downloads listed on the custom download category and tag pages.

So, by acquiring this plugin, this will allow you to create text and information-rich content pages which will definitively give your web store a better chance to rank high in the leading search engines such as Google or Bing.

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Why you need a Landing Page?

landing page is the first page you “land on” after clicking a link. In this sense, a landing page could be almost anything: your home page, a blog post, a lead capture page and especially, a product page.

When we talk about “landing pages”, we usually mean a page that is specifically designed to receive and convert traffic from an online marketing campaign. Using this alternate definition, a home page wouldn’t qualify as a “landing page“ if it isn’t designed to convert traffic. Therefore, we need landing page because it can help increase your conversion rates and lower your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

So, our goal right now is to make sure that your landing page is perfectly SEO optimized to drive a great amount of traffic and therefore rank in leading search engines. We can achieve that by the use of this plugin.

Why should you purchase this plugin?

Download Category and Download Tag pages need to be turned into text rich landing pages for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes to promote your Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) online store in the best possible way in the leading search engines. This plugin solves this problem.

The EDD Landing pages for Categories and Tags Plugin allows you to edit Download Category and Tag Description using the WordPress built-in rich-text editor and also adds a new text field below the Downloads listed on the download category & tag pages.

EDD Landing Page for Download Categories text fields
EDD Landing Page for Download Tags text fields


  1. Better editing of Download category & tag descriptions with WordPress’s built-in WYSIWYG editor
  2. Additional Bottom Description field for Download category & tag pages
  3. Settings to Enable/Disable Rich text editor for Default Description and Bottom Description of Category & Tag.


Please note:

With our EDD Landing pages for Download Categories and Tags Plugin, you can now turn your download category and tag pages into powerful landing pages which can improve your keyword capture for SEO purposes significantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the plugin documentation here:

Get your EDD Landing pages for Categories and Tags now!

Note: All paid subscriptions below includes the latest plugin version as well as plugin support and updates for 1 one year.

Single Site License

$29.95/ year

3-Site License

$44.95/ year

10-Site License

$74.95/ year

  • Plugin
  • Vendd-PS Theme (based on Vendd V. 1.2.3)
  • Two pages which include additional functions
  • Current Version 1.0.9
  • WordPress: Tested up to Version 5.0.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Tested up to Version 3.0 Beta

1.0.9 Compatible with EDD 3.0

1.0.8 User Experience Improved

1.0.7 Bug Fixes

1.0.6 Compatible with EDD FES Plugin

1.0.5 Vendd-PS Theme added (you need to have a theme installed which has two additional functions in there). We prepared Vendd-PS Theme, which is basically the Vendd Theme Version 1.2.3. tweaked for two functions.

1.0.4 User Experience Improved

1.0.3 Description Editor Bug Fixes

1.0.2 User Experience Improved

1.0.1 Bug Fixes

1.0.0 Initial release






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