EDD Requests Plugin
  • Makes it easy to contact Vendors
  • Adds contact buttons on Product and Author Pages
  • Triggers leads and engagements
  • Makes it easy to submit Requests and Feedback
  • Option to ask for Budgets
  • All Emails are fully customizable
  • Integrated with Easy Digital Downloads – MailChimp, Frontend Submissions Plugin (FES), and EDD Social Login plugin

Plugin Purpose

You might have tons of products and product vendors on your Digital Downloads Marketplace, where usually, customers do have some inquiries or feedback they wanted to communicate with your product vendors as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, most of them are having a hard time to quickly contact your vendors right on the product page or even the author’s page itself.

You need a plugin that collects leads in a systematic manner and sells services on top of your products. Now save your customer’s time by placing a button right on the Product and Author Pages with this EDD Requests Plugin. You will also obtain tons of customizable emails and a lot of plugin options and configurations to properly and efficiently serve your customer feedbacks and requests.

Explanatory Video

Plugin Features

1 Contact button on the product and author pages

Make it easy for your customers to contact product vendors by placing a contact button right on the Product and Author Pages. Installing this plugin will allow you to do the same.

Contact Button on the Author Page

Contact Button on the Product Page

In order to do this, you need to place the plugin request widget on the download sidebar so it will show up on your product pages. To show the same on the author page, you need to add the shortcode [ edd_requests_vendor_contact_button ] on that page.

This contact button opens a popup window where – after login or registration – the customer can submit two types of requests to the author.

  • Request Assistance: Choosing this Case Type will let the customer submit requests for product support or assistance.
  • Report an Issue/Bug: Choosing this Case Type will let the customer submit reports about a product issue or bug.

Take note that the Case Type titles can be configured and changed on the plugin settings page anytime, depending on what you think the customers primarily needs to contact you about.

Also, you can choose the default case to be shown as well as to enable/disable the budget field. This is where the customer will enter their budget in relation to the request/report submitted.

You can simply learn more by reading on the Documentation page.

2 Vendor Dashboard

Now how would your vendors manage and serve these customer requests and reports? Our plugin has a built-in Vendor Dashboard that will show up when the EDD FES Plugin is enabled on your website.

A Customer Request tab will appear along all other tabs in FES Vendor Dashboard. This tab can be used by the vendor to see the list of all requests received and to simply respond to those requests from within the dashboard.

The vendor can see here important information such as the Customer Name and Email, Case Type submitted, Budget if given, Report/Request Description, URL of the page where the request has received and the date submitted. Most importantly we have action buttons such as Reply and Attachments.

By clicking on the Reply button, it allows the vendor to directly make a reply for the report/request submitted right on the vendor dashboard. By clicking on the Attachment (s) button, the vendor can see the list of all files attached as well as the “Download All” button to quickly download all attachments.

This way, the vendors can easily take a look, managed and reply all customer reports and requests received in one screen, saving the time of visiting multiple pages just to do an action.

3 Request List (Admin View)

Not only the vendors have access to all report/requests received, but also the site admins can moderate and have a look at all the report/requests received by all vendors.

You can see this by going to Downloads > Requests Tab.

The admins can see here what vendors basically see on his/her Vendor Dashboard such as the Customer Name and Email, Vendor Name, Case Type, Budget, Description, Request Date, as well buttons for viewing the Page URL where the report/requests is received and also the Attachment (s) button. This allow site admins to have access as well to all attachments received.

4 Social Login and Registration Integrations

The plugin comes with a registration process which can be very helpful to collect email addresses by naturally offering a way to engage with the authors. This plugin allows two kinds of integrations in relation to Social Login and Registration.

Login Popup Form

Registration Popup Form

Take note:

  • Registration allows you to sign-up visitors as Mailchimp subscribers, adding them right on your Mailchimp Email List. This way, we can easily collect visitor’s and customer’s email addresses, which later on can be used to send appropriate and related newsletter campaigns regarding products and future updates and releases.
  • Our plugin permits social logins via the EDD Social Login plugin. This enables a much quicker registration and login procedure, cutting the customer’s hassle of filling up several registration form fields. A great thing our plugin is much integrated with the EDD Social Login plugin.

5 Customizable Email Templates

This plugin also has several emails that will be sent to either the Customer or Vendor depending on the action made. These emails are fully customizable using the appropriate email template tags given.

Below are the available email templates with this plugin:

You can do this by visiting the Email Settings or just checkout the plugin’s documentation page to learn more. Take note that every admins we receive a copy of these emails, but you can always change this on this Settings page.


Why purchase this plugin now?

Overall, this is a great plugin which triggers real engagements with your customer as it makes very easy to contact vendors and have them ask their questions. We had several cases when up on fresh installs we immediately received request from customer which otherwise we would not have received. This is a definitely useful plugin if you plan to sell services on top of your products through your Easy Digital Downloads store. The plugin works for both multi-vendor and single vendor stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Current Version 1.0.4
  • WordPress: Tested up to Version 5.0.3
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Tested up to Version 3.0 Beta


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