Welcome to our WordPress Plugin Development Services, where we specialize in crafting custom plugins tailored to meet your website’s unique requirements. Our expert team excels in delivering innovative solutions to enhance your WordPress site’s functionality and performance through personalized plugins.

Our Expertise

  • WordPress Websites – WordPress is known as the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) nowadays. Aside from using it ourselves, we also gathered a lot of experience on it to setup websites. In other words, we are very familiar with common problems and their solutions.
  • WooCommerce – Is one of the most used open source eCommerce solutions for WordPress. It is mostly used by small to large-sized online merchants which prefer to have their own store. We use best practices to improve WooCommerce stores with tailor-made plugins.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Stores (EDD) – EDD is commonly known as a complete eCommerce solution. It is especially for selling digital products via a WordPress website. We are also running our own EDD stores.
  • MailChimp APIs – We have developed several WordPress plugins triggering automatic MailChimp workflows (e.g. email automation). We also have experience working with MailChimp’s API. And also, integrating a WordPress website with automatic email marketing processes.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – With our experience in AMP, we can help you optimize your webstore to load faster on mobile and receive better search engine rankings.
  • Bootstrap – An open-source front-end library for designing websites and web applications e.g. templates, themes, etc. Many Startups use the Bootstrap framework for building their websites just like us! Let us bring your Frontend up to speed with the Bootstrap framework!
  • PHP/HTML/JAVA Script – We are an expert in using all these programming languages for developing websites, plugins, tools, etc.

Three Tiers of Plugin Development

We offer three tiers of plugin development to suit varying needs:

  1. Small Plugin ($1000): This package is ideal for specific functionalities or features that require a lightweight, targeted solution. Whether it’s a simple tool to streamline a process or a basic feature enhancement, our team will create a small plugin to address your requirements efficiently.
  2. Medium Plugin ($3000): This package is perfect for more intricate functionalities or comprehensive enhancements. If you need a plugin with a broader scope or a more complex feature set, our medium plugin development service is tailored to cater to these requirements.
  3. Large Plugin ($5000): For extensive, sophisticated plugins requiring advanced functionalities or substantial integrations, our large plugin development service is designed to meet these demands. This tier is ideal for projects that require a robust and scalable plugin solution.

For larger and more extensive plugin projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our team is ready to discuss your unique needs and provide a tailored solution to accommodate your specific requirements, scalability, and complexity.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each plugin we develop undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to the highest standards of quality and performance. Elevate your WordPress site with our custom plugin development services and unlock new possibilities to make your website stand out among the competition. Contact us today to get started on enhancing your website’s functionality with bespoke WordPress plugins.

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