EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Plugin

EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Carts Plugin
EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Carts Plugin
EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Plugin

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Recovering abandoned carts can be quite lucrative for eCommerce businesses, as the customers normally are very close in their decision to complete the purchasing of a product. But this guarantees that those customers were interested and are in need of the product, which places them as prospective customers that can be recalled.

By following up with an email upon an abandoned cart, it can lead up to a success rate of 10% – 20% for closing with a lead. Meaning 1 out 6 potential customers who are still undecided, might decide to give it a try and follow through on their purchase intent.

The prospect simply needs a gentle push which can be done by offering a time limited discount to motivate and drive customers to close the purchase. Given this success rate, investing in a WordPress abandoned cart EDD plugin, in most cases, is one of the best investments you can do for your eCommerce Website.

In the following video, we will explain how the EDD WordPress Abandoned Cart plugin works. See also the full documentation here.



Easy Digital Downloads and Mailchimp Abandoned Cart Recovery Marketing

This plugin was created, specially designed to recover abandoned carts for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) stores. As you already know, EDD is one of the leading software platforms to sell digital products online. EDD itself comes as a WordPress plugin and therefore, benefits from access to all other plugins from the WordPress ecosystem. With our EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Plugin, you can now make use of Mailchimp‘s Abandoned Cart Automation process, to follow up on your abandoned carts with a Mailchimp Email or Email series. Mailchimp Digital Download marketing solutions can therefore ideally support your EDD store.

In short:

  • Easy Digital Downloads is one of the leading open source platforms to sell digital products and works with WordPress
  • Mailchimp is the leading email marketing services provider
  • Our plugin solves the problem on how to automatically follow up the abandoned cart potential sales by using EDD and Mailchip
Easy Digital Downloads Mailchimp Abandoned Carts
Easy Digital Downloads Mailchimp Abandoned Carts

EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Plugin: How it Works

This is how it works:

  1. It is recommended best to create a new Email List in Mailchimp which contains all the prospective customers who abandoned their carts.
  2. Then you install the EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Pluginin your website and use the plugin’s settings page to connect your EDD store to your Mailchimp Account.
  3. Once the plugin is installed correctly, every cart with positive order value, email address and the cart which has been abandoned will now trigger an abandoned cart Email via Mailchimp.

The highlights of this WordPress Abandoned Cart plugin are the following:

  • The EDD Plugin only sends emails to abandoned carts where cart value >0
  • Plugin creates automatic and unique time-limited discount codes per prospective customer in EDD which can be used in your Mailchimp Digital Download Email campaign
  • ON/OFF Button to create Discount Codes
  • Clean up Function to Delete Expired Discount Codes


EDD Plugin WordPress Abandoned Cart Mailchimp
EDD Plugin WordPress Abandoned Cart Mailchimp

Setup & Installation

If you’re interested in this plugin, this must be installed in your EDD WordPress and connected to a valid Mailchimp account. A full documentation on how to setup and install the EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Plugin is provided here to help you get through the process step by step, with screenshots and a video for you to refer on .


Current Version 1.0.9

WordPress: Tested up to Version 4.9.8

Easy Digital Downloads: Tested up to Version 2.9.8


The purchase price includes plugin related support and updates for 1 year.  Afterwards, if your license expires you can keep the EDD plugin installed but you can only receive further plugin support and updates if your license will be renewed.



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