Mailchimp Vendor Email Trigger

Mailchimp Vendor Email Trigger
Mailchimp Vendor Email Trigger
Mailchimp Vendor Email Trigger

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This Plugin only works with Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), which is a tool to sell digital goods via WordPress. The plugin only works where the EDD Frontend Submissions (FES) Plugin is installed.


The MailChimp Vendor Email Trigger lets you add each new vendor registration to your Mailchimp Email list and flags each vendor as such. The standard EDD Mailchimp Plugin registers only customers but not vendors. This plugin, therefore, solves this gap and ensures also all of your new vendors are added to your MailChimp list and are flagged as such.

This Plugin is for the Vendor Registration Process of Easy Digital Downloads and lets you add each new registration automatically to a Mailchimp Email List.

How to Install

Here is how the correctly work with the plugin :

1. The Plugin will add new settings in the Download Settings of Easy Digital Downloads Plugin. Simply enter the MailChimp API Key upon which you can choose to which of your Email lists vendors shall be added.

2. Select a field of your list where you will insert a flag to clearly mark this address as a Vendor (e.g. you could name the field “Vendor” in MailChimp)

3. Choose a value you like to use to flag each new address as a vendor, e.g.  “NEW” in the respective field.

Settings Vendor Email Trigger
Settings Vendor Email Trigger

4. In Mailchimp you need to complete the setup to create an automation workflow. Go to Campaigns and select “Create Campaign”

5. Select “Create an Email”

6. Choose “Automated”, “Subscriber Activity” and “Respond to Subscriber Updates”

7. Select a Name for your Campaign

8. Choose “Edit trigger” in the first email of this automation series.

9. You will receive a dropdown list of all fields in this list. Choose the relevant field and set the Trigger exactly to the same value as you have inputted before.

10. What will happen now is that whenever a new Vendor Registers in your EDD setup via a page containing the vendor registration shortcodes [ fes_vendor_dashboard ] or [ fes_registration_form ], any newly registered vendor will be automatically added to your MailChimp Email List and a flag of your choice will be set triggering the email automation workflow.

For more information about email automation, please refer to Mailchimp’s Automation guide.

Plugin Meta Data:

  • Current Version 1.0.1
  • WordPress: Tested up to Version 4.9.8
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Tested up to Version 2.9.8

The plugin price includes updates and support for one year for the specified number of websites included in the license. After the year expired the plugin will still continue to work but you will receive updates and support only when your subscription is active.


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