Sales & Conversion Reviews

Are you an owner of an eCommerce store operating on Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce store for WordPress? Are you in need of an overall review to check how your online business is doing? Are you looking for ways to improve your sales and store conversions? We, Plugins & Snippets, would love to assist you!


Sales & Conversion Reviews of eCommerce Stores
Sales & Conversion Reviews of eCommerce Stores


A professional sales and conversion review of your eCommerce stores by a third-party like us can shed new light on the potential of your eCommerce store. You want to make sure that your webstore is doing great and follows the best practices to optimize your income.

We look at your store from all different angles, compare traffic and sales data, SEO and keyword rankings, check the flow to purchase, a user has to go through and come up with a report to highlight issues and recommendations on how to improve your store.

This will give you an action list of what to improve on your Website to increase sales and store conversion. To help you with that, we would love to offer you our services of creating Sales and Conversion Reviews for you eCommerce stores.

As one of our services, we can offer a sales & conversion review of your eCommerce Store to find their weaknesses and turn them into opportunities for improving sales and store conversions by fixing them. Our reviews typically include the following:

  • Traffic Review
  • Sales Review
  • Conversion Analysis
  • SEO and Keyword analysis
  • User Flow Analysis
  • Review of all Marketing activities
  • Conclusions and Recommendations on how to improve your eCommerce Store


This is a custom service for Sales & Conversion Reviews of eCommerce Stores. If you have any questions that you want to know about this service, please feel free to contact us or send us an email to Also if you want to avail of this service, please send us the URL of your web store and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can to talk more in detail about the service in light of your specific website.