Boosting Your Customer Service with WooCommerce Support and Chat Plugins

For a successful e-commerce store, you need to boost your customer service. When your customers are satisfied, your business flourishes. You need to build a strong relationship with your customers to satisfy them. You can retain your customers when your customer services are excellent. WooCommerce helps you to build strong relationships between customers and the store owner.

Various customer support plugins on WooCommerce can assist you in growing your digital store. In this article, we will share 7 WooCommerce customer support and chat plugins to increase your sales to the next level.

Why We Need WooCommerce Customer Support and Chat Plugins

We need WooCommerce plugins because WooCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform globally. It is powering more than 30% of all digital stores. If you consider building your store on WooCommerce, you need multiple support plugins. Among many others, the best ones are the WooCommerce customer support plugins. According to various surveys, an e-commerce store can increase its 270% times more if they choose and install proper customer support plugins on sites. Robust customer support services make it easy for customers to contact the owners of the stores.

Top 7 Best WooCommerce Customer Support and Chat Plugins

Many WooCommerce plugins are available; we will discuss seven major ones here. These seven customer support plugins are used by almost every popular digital store. Let’s discuss each of these one by one:

1. LiveChat for WooCommerce

LiveChat for WooCommerce is one of the best WooCommerce Customer Support and Chat plugins. It is a powerful plugin. It is suitable for both small and medium-sized ecommerce stores. Its features include AI-powered AI routing and chatbots that generate leads. It automatically answers customers’ queries. It helps manage the queue and respond to every customer one by one. It also manages your multi-channel communication effectively. Moreover, it also manages your customers’ feedback and tracks website visitors. It is very cost-effective. Almost every digital business has this plugin.

2. WooCommerce Request a Quote

WooCommerce Request a Quote is a feature that allows customers to ask for a price quote for products instead of purchasing them directly. This feature is helpful for businesses that deal with custom orders, bulk purchases, or products with variable pricing.

Regarding customer support and chat plugins for WooCommerce, integrating a Request a Quote option can enhance the customer experience as customers can easily inquire about products or request a quote directly through the chat interface. This streamlines communication and makes it easier for customers to get the necessary information.

It will allow businesses to tailor the chat experience to their brand and specific needs. This includes branding the chat window, setting up automated responses, and seamlessly integrating the Request a Quote feature into the chat interface.

3. ThriveDesk for WooCommerce

Another major customer support plugin is ThriveDesk. It is one of the finest plugins available for WooCommerce stores. It is a multi-task performing plugin. Thrivedesk is specifically designed for e-commerce businesses. Its integration with WooCommerce offers unlimited possibilities for digital stores to thrive and lead in highly competitive online marketplaces. It has a robust set of features, making it an ideal choice for every digital store. Some of these features are as follows: Thrive Desk keeps the customer’s previous history intact and also provides performance metrics. It also manages orders effectively and saves replies for a longer time.

4. Woo Sell Services

Woo Sell Services is another plugin that enhances customer support. This plugin is available on both WooCommerce and WordPress. This integrates all your business activities within a single platform. This plugin empowers you to effectively communicate with your customers and create and sell your products conveniently.

This plugin also handles orders and dates and tracks the service status. It also receives live notifications. Thus, it ensures a smooth store operation. Other features include effective client communication, a single window for multiple functions, and management of delivery dates. We can safely say the Woo Sell Service plugin is a gateway to both small and large online enterprises’ success.

5. Freshdesk

FreshDesk is one of the best cloud-based customer support plugins. You can boost your customer support service with WooCommerce by installing this software. It offers WooCommerce integration for e-commerce stores and converts support requests through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.

It offers AI-powered chatbots that guide customers in solving their queries. These chatbots connect the customers to the e-commerce experts if they face any issues. Like other plugins, it offers various customer care services. Some of its best features are Order and appointment management, third-party integration, and communication management. It provides summary reports and thus helps boost your digital store. Its price could be more affordable. Like Help Scout, Zendesk, FreshDesk, and other plugins and customer care support software, it is equally beneficial for all small and big e-commerce stores.

6. Help Scout for WooCommerce

Help Scout for WooCommerce is another of the most potent and easily accessible customer support plugins. This plugin is easy to use. It is equally affordable for every size of business. Like other plugins, it replies to customer queries in minutes. Thus, Help Scout has a positive impact on your customers.

Help Scout has many additional features as well. This plugin’s collaboration with other automation tools makes the work far more accessible. Its live chat support helps the customers in real time. Its AI-powered chatbots guide customers to relevant articles. This plugin also allows customers to share new updates and services.

Like the plugins mentioned above, Help Scout offers various features, from Email management to template and queue management. It also helps in blocking spam. Additionally, its pricing could be a lot higher. Every small and medium-sized store can also use it by paying a minimal price.

7. WooCommerce Support Ticket System

The “WooCommerce Support Ticket System” is another dedicated customer care WordPress plugin. It helps to manage customer requests and issues. It handles customer queries more effectively than other plugins and chat support software. It boosts your customer base by offering a structured customer interaction management system. It also keeps a record of all queries and makes sure to reply to them.

There is a list of features that make the WooCommerce Support Ticket System the top priority of every e-commerce store. Some of its exclusive features are ticket creation and tick tracking, as well as the attachment of files, screenshots, and additional information to support tickets. It also offers predefined responses to common queries. It also helps to notify when new tickets are created and updated. This brings consistency in prompt responses and follow-ups. It also offers reporting and analytics features. It generates reports and analytics on ticket trends and response times. Thus, it helps in customer satisfaction.


This article discusses seven customer support service support and chat plugins. These plugins are helpful for all small to big WooCommerce stores. These plugins have various features, making them the first choice of every digital store. They provide support from live chats to query management. They keep records of all customer queries and manage emails effectively. If you create your e-commerce store with WooCommerce, these plugins will prove a game changer. They will stand out in the highly competitive business environment—this array of WooCommerce customer support and chat plugins will convert visitors to an entire customer base.