WooCommerce Category Tag Landing Pages
WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags

In WooCommerce web stores, it usually comes with product category and product tag pages, which will make the navigation much easier for users as they browse in your e-commerce store. The usual standard WooCommerce product categories and product tag pages are only offering very limited editing possibilities which nullify a lot of SEO potential. As per the usual e-commerce store, there isn’t an existent useful text editor available to add more meaningful content to pages which needs further optimization for SEO purposes and it also limits you to only add a short text content above the products listed on the landing pages.

To ensure that your page’s SEO potential will work best, it is recommended to add an extensive text field (content) below the products listed on the custom product category and tag pages. How to achieve that? Well, by acquiring this plugin, you will be given an option to edit your page as you are able to create text and information-rich content for your products and landing pages which will result with your web store a gaining a chance to rank higher in the leading search engines or web browsers such as Google or Bing.


WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags: How it Works

To make sure that the WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags Plugin will work after you acquire it, check the details below as it will explain the features and the setup & installation steps about the plugin. Helping you apply the plugin properly and showing you how it will work wonders for your e-commerce web store.

The Product Category and Tag pages must be turned into content-rich, filled with keywords, landing pages for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes to further promote your WooCommerce online store in the best possible way in the leading search engines. This plugin will serve as the instrument to fulfill this way effectively.

Basically, the WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags Plugin allows you to edit the Product Category and Tag Description using the WordPress built-in rich-text editor and included is also an additional new text field below the Products listed on product category & tag pages, to give more SEO potential for your webstore pages. An explainer video is provided here:



List of Plugin Features

  1. Editing options for the Product category & tag descriptions with WordPress’s built-in WYSIWYG editor
  2. Additional Bottom Description field for Product category & tag pages
  3. Option Settings to Enable/Disable Rich text editor for Default Description and Bottom Description of Category & Tag.

Please note:


Acquire and use our WooCommerce Landing pages for Product Categories and Tags Plugin now! Turn your product category and tag pages into powerful landing pages. This will give you an opportunity to improve your keyword capture for SEO purposes significantly and effectively.


Setup & Installation

To make sure this plugin work correctly in your webstore, you will need to use an improved WooCommerce Theme. Otherwise, the additional new text field below the products page will not appear.

After updating your webstore with an improved WooCommerce Theme, follow the steps below:

a) Install the WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags Plugin in your WooCommerce website. Simply upload the plugin via File upload or via FTP into the plugin folder.

WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags


b) Check the plugin’s settings and ensure all the hooks are set. Ensure that you will mark it properly. This is so that the new text field will show up on both product category, product tag pages, and also the new text editor will appear.

WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags


c) Now, the plugin is ready for use. Go to the Products Categories or Products Tags page and select which page you want to edit. You will then see that a text editor is added. As well as, providing you a bottom description text field. This will give you an option to add text below your products listed on the pages.

WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags

WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags


Therefore, the plugin now allows you to significantly add more text or content. Also, a better text editor to your product category and product tag pages in your WooCommerce store. Thus, helping you to make the best use of the full SEO potential of your website.

See the example Landing page result below:

WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags

Plugin Meta Data:

  • Current Version 1.0.6
  • WordPress: Tested up to Version 5.0
  • WooCommerce: Tested up to Version 3.5.2

The plugin price includes updates and support for one year for the specified number of websites included in the license. After the year expired, the plugin will still continue to work. But, you will receive updates and support only when your subscription is active.

* If you face any problem installing and bringing this plugin to work, please contact us via support. Rest assured, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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