When you run a webstore, you now offer a lot of access to help and communication on your website.  There is no lack of ways you can connect with your users and clients, from phone to email, social media like Facebook and Twitter.  But one new channel is becoming increasingly popular today, and it’s integrating a live chat system on your website.

Were you aware that live chat apps have the highest level of satisfaction with any customer service platform with an acceptance rate of 73%? Email is the next nearest with a rating of 61%. You wouldn’t believe  how much happier your customers would be if your online store had a live chat integration.

Customers expect to have their questions answered immediately and any confusion with their order will lead to the loss of a sale. That is why more than 67% of eCommerce website users abandon their shopping carts without checking out? 

A live chat platform can be a perfect way for shoppers to get instant answers and personalized experience.  Many of those softwares come with a range of eCommerce integrations in multichannel support platforms. Such methods are all available to small and medium-sized businesses.

Integrating a live chat software can help you answer user questions quickly and making customers actually proceed on checkout. Today, we will give you the best live chat apps for your webstore in this article.

Why Use Live Chat Support on your webstore?

Live chat is a simple yet very effective personal experience for your customers.   Users can type their questions in, and from your own backend, you can see and answer. The live chat has such a big effect on online sales and marketing.  It enables customers to get immediate answers without leaving their website. A successful live chat experience will help consumers make the decision to buy effectively.

Here are some benefits of using Live Chat:

  • Better customer service: Your employers already know all the answers your customers might have. They can respond to several users at once, pass to another team member or refer to the difficult questions guide. That is how powerful a live chat tool is.
  • Real-time and instant feedback: In comparison with email support, live chat tool allows for a real-time communication between live users, giving answers in a much quicker manner.
  • Improved user experience: A live chat box means no need to handle tons of telephone numbers or additional contact forms. The responses are always straightforward, and prevents miscommunication because of poor call quality and others.
  • Great data-analyzing capacity: This system allows for better data keeping. It is useful for analytics and for tracking the accuracy of the responses to your agents.
  • Pro-active communication: One major advantage is the ability to proactively contact users of your website. This means that live chats can be a strong sales and upselling device as well.

All we want is to use a live chat service that is affordable, easy to use, WordPress integrated, and that comes with all the features to help you make more sales in the long run.

Best Live Chat Solutions for eCommerce stores in 2020

(1) LiveChat Inc.

LiveChat Inc. is one of the leading live chat and help desk software on the Omnichannel. They deliver a suite of email ticketing tools, live chat, time monitoring, call center, and more.

This tool offers a wide range of features and integrations in eCommerce. Chat features include automated replies, file sharing, transcripts and more. Using automated or personal greetings, post-hour forms, reports and metrics, ticketing, sales statistics, and goals. Be able to determine how many visitors turn after a chat to customers and safety  features include encryption, and credit cards protection.

LiveChat also provides beautifully crafted live chat support software that can be used on multiple devices.  This ensures which when you’re on the go you can chat with customers without logging into your WordPress dashboard. During and after a live chat, you can add feedback forms, so you can determine how your customer support team is performing. Your users can also easily submit a help ticket directly from the live chat during your offline times.

LiveChat integrates all of the top email marketing services with dozens of other services such as popular CRM software, Google Analytics, Zendesk, and many more. This integration allows you to save you time since you do not need to manually enter customer details into other tools.

LiveChat’s best feature is speed. A chat window loads incredibly quickly, operates on all devices and provides a much better user experience than any other live chat apps.

Pros and Cons of LiveChat Inc.

+ Dedicated marketplace app with just about any application you could think of. We can also make custom integrations, if necessary.

+ Well-designed, excellent and user-friendly interface

+ Very easy to use and set-up

+ Able to automate reports through email

– More expensive than other Live Chat tool alternatives

– Reported to have technical difficulties and issues from time to time

– Automatic greetings are not sophisticated comparing to other solutions

(2) UserLike

Userlike‘s live chat solution is special in that you can link it to your website as well as messaging apps like WhatsApp , Facebook Messenger, and Telegram and talk over those channels with your customers. It provides one central location for all the customer communications.

Userlike is versatile and customisable compared to other chat apps. Why? I t provides a broad variety of APIs, making it a common solution among more tech-savvy users. This also has a wide variety of integrations, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your current method.

There are thousands of users who rely on Userlike, a live-chat support service located in Germany. Their servers are also in Germany , making them an particularly appealing solution for customers in the European Union, since they are completely compliant with GDPR.

Userlike offers a combination of mobile messaging and website chat. Turn to a different way of interacting with customers. Help agents, sales managers and executives for the clients. Chat with your customers via the Facebook Messenger , WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS website. Connect your chatbot and automate the interactions with your customers.

Pros and Cons of UserLike

+ You will kick off in a few minutes. Just copy and paste your unique code into your website, and start chatting with visitors to your website.

+ Works very well for website visitors using mobiles.

+ You can create your own custom chat buttons, and change the chat window to match your website’s feel and look.

– Poor Slack Integration

– No Chat Transcripts sent

– Support Questions require you to login and search where to find the answers.

– A few settings are a bit more complicated than they need to be.

– It always takes a couple of moments until changes to the chat widget become active, which can sometimes be a bit frustrating.

(3) Tidio

Tidio provides live chat functions within a user interface that is non-disruptive and sleek, and more. You can check the locations your customers visit on your website, the sub-pages they go to most, and how much time they spend on that particular page. Wherever your customers are, it doesn’t matter, you can still talk with them, computer or mobile-based, and ensure they get the support they need in real time.

Tidio is a business communicator keeping live chat, chatbots, messenger and email in one place. This app eliminates the time it takes to connect with your clients while at the same time providing an increase in revenue and satisfaction by engaging visitors in real time. Furthermore, this app with iOS and Android apps is available on-the-go to keep the customer interactions flexible across all platforms.

You may also allow your customers to subscribe to get email updates from you in the future as well as providing excellent user experience. Keep them updated  about product updates, changes, or coupons and to make the most of your webstore.

Pros and Cons of Tidio

+ Strong lead-gathering chatbot. Simple to create conversation flow so the consumer feels he’s talking to a real automation-friendly human.

+ Beautiful and simple interface, yet very affordable.

+ It is easy to use and has a lot of features enough for a good live chat app.

– Chat transcripts need to be sent manually and not automatically which is very inconvenient.

– Mailchimp integration appears very basic, only allowing to add email address but not first and last name to the email list which means that email deliverability will be very poor.

– No Twitter Integration, unlike other solutions which has.

– Using Tidio with WordPress File Upload blocks important buttons such as submit media.

(4) Olark

Olark is an easy and affordable way to discuss sales and help for your customers. Give them immediately the answers they need, and gain excellent insights into what they want to know. Olark features targeted chats, customer feedback reports, integration of CRM, custom CSS, and quick-response shortcuts.

For webstores, Olark is a popular live chat solution. It’s easy to use and it’s very quick to connect Olark to a WordPress account. For this to work, you need to  copy and paste a code snippet into your sidebar widget for WordPress.  If you would like not to use coding, you can use the free Olark Live Chat plugin for easier setup.

Olark provides user-friendliness that comes in the form of real-time monitoring, automatic messaging and basic team communication tools. The platform is very customizable so you can adjust it to fit your exact needs for live chat.

Pros and Cons of Olark

+ Olark makes chat contact as simple as it should be. The user interface is very user friendly.

+ Olark makes it very simple to build and store your own pre-written custom responses to allow quicker / efficient assistance.

+ Their support for customers is excellent. They were also very sensitive and very helpful.

– The metrics that they do show are accurate and easy to view.

– No screen sharing feature as well.

(5) LiveAgent

LiveAgent is one of the leading omnichannel live chat and help desk software. They offer a suite of software including email ticketing, live chat, time tracking, call center, and more.

The list of apps looks fantastic, including special in this category is the video chat.  They also give a fully integrated help desk solution where every chat request is added as a ticket. You can easily determine and monitor how the customer service agents operate, and usually feel like LiveAgent is definitely targeting the higher end of the consumer.

LiveAgent offers seamless integration with WordPress and other popular constructors of websites. In addition, they incorporate top email marketing tools, CRMs, and other marketing channels.

LiveAgent is deemed one of the market’s best customer help solutions. Our SaaS experts analyzed the software closely and scored it exquisitely based on its major aspects, customization, integrations, customer support and other elements.

Pros and Cons of LiveAgent

+ Really simple and effective and a perfect all-in-one solution.

+ Gives online customers real time access to our agents.

+ Customizable labels and tags help our team members prioritize their workflows.

+ Automated ticket system makes it easy to track related messages.

– Report features could be enhanced to allow for more detailed and less generic reports

– No whatsapp integration unlike other solutions.

(6) PureChat

PureChat is one of the only tools on our live chat software list with the lowest level of a completely free offer. It beautifully integrates with popular web-based content management , social media, and e-commerce services including WordPress, Shopify, Etsy, and Facebook, so it’s easy for anyone looking for a quick, no-nonsense live chat solution to be up and running fast.

You can also save and store live chat transcripts with PureChat to recognise your top performers and explore potential lead interaction opportunities.

For developers who want a more flexible software to work on, you’ll be happy to know that PureChat also works with Zapier, which potentially gives you hundreds of potential uses, extensions, and triggers to make the system work for you, rather than just you.

If you don’t want to spend much time setting up, Pure Chat is a good option for a live chat app. It’s one of the easier options on this list, with the ability to make customizations, such as changing colors, uploading a custom picture and more. Operators can access their dashboard to view a real-time list of website visitors and get chats. The canned answers let you send your customers quick messages.

Pros and Cons of PureAgent

+ Chat is straightforward so not much room for improvement, we’re happy with the service, functionality, and ease of use.

+ Instant notifications and access to the transcripts once the chat has ended

+ This functions like an instant messenger but still allows you to see past excerpts from customer interactions.

– Pure Chat does not allow you to add documents and tag conversations and when it comes to chat services that is a major requirement.

– Should work on tagging a conversation feature.

(7) Zendesk Chat

Formerly known as Zopim Live Chat, the program was bought by Zendesk in 2014 and turned into what it is today. One of Zendesk Chat’s main features is that it actually understands how customers are using the web, and what they want from you as a company. Basically, it analyzes customer actions, then uses connections to develop a smart course of action that leads to high quality service.

Another good thing about Zendesk Chat is if you have the means to perform said changes from backgrounds to animations, Zendesk Chat allows for it. Also, this is not  just about customization, it also integrates with popular marketplaces like Magento, Shopify, and Tictail you can link up the device. One of Zopim’s major advantages is the flexible pricing policy. The tool is basically mega-accessible so even the smallest of startups will begin using the tool.

Pros and Cons of Zendesk Chat

+ Zendesk Chat provides our customers with better support in responding to their queries and allows us to use macros for questions often asked.

+ Automated tickets that populate after you close out of a chat.

+ Very easy to use and efficiently speak with customers in real time, as well as speaking to multiple customers at a time quite easily.

– The widget that you can embed is very hard to customize.

– Upgrade to the paid plan is very expensive.

– Triggers are not as intuitive as they are for Zendesk Support and are not utilised as much as they should be.

(8) FreshDesk

Freshdesk is one of the market-leading help desk tech solutions. Freshdesk enables users to automate and track the necessary IT workflows. The Google Apps apps offer extra functionality without the need for consumers to adjust contact points. Plus, transitioning to Freshdesk and starting work on it is a smooth process. Your customers can access their ticket status and ticket history with this app, and offer ratings. The program also provides the necessary metrics to help you gain insight into the effectiveness of the help desk processes.

Freshdesk is a safer choice to use than email support. The app brings customer feedback together and offers helpful tools to share service tasks with other agents. The segment is useful for consumers, and customer feedback can be easily connected or applied to the solutions. It helps in delivering a structured response to consumer inquiries, general reviews, endorsements and product details queries.

Pros and Cons of FreshDesk

+ Very robust in natively integrating with Facebook and Twitter.

+ Ticketing Automation is one of it’s best features.

+ Ready-to-use integrations with leading business apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, Asterisk CTI, Skype and more.

+ Mobile apps work well and allow for easy use across multiple platforms (particularly useful when working remotely).

– Key features (team dashboards, chatbot, social signals) only available at highest pricing tiers.

– No Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn integration.

– There are limited options for the customization of scenarios, keyboard shortcuts, and automations.

Conclusion: LiveChat is our top pick!

We would suggest LiveChat Inc for small businesses. They are the top-rated live chat software on our list and we’re using them on our websites. It has all the features needed to get the right price. If you are looking for a live chatbot app, we recommend you look at ChatBot.com. They are one of the best chatbot systems on the market and compared to other solutions it is actually fairly easy to set up. This two software are mutually related.

If you’re serious about live chat for your company in any situation, the good news is that there’s no lack of choices. The paid plans are often affordable, and some free plans do have good services. Multilingual options appear to become more regularly available, and triggers and automation can be a powerful tool to convert users to your pages.

We look forward to this article helping you pick the right live chat support tools for your WordPress blog. If you liked this article, please follow us to update for more WordPress plugin reviews and articles like this one on Twitter and Facebook.