Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business. So, Plugins and Snippets has this plugin called EDD Enhanced Sales Report Pro. With that, tracking sales report, generating powerful reports and managing WordPress accounting related stuffs would never be this easy. Also, there is a accounting plugin which is simple to use CSV formatted accounting export from Woocommerce to accounting. Further it provides a simple way for businesses to record.

EDD Enhanced Sales Reports Pro

The EDD Enhanced Sales Reports Pro Plugin offers additional analytics and reporting features to better understand where sales and profit data come from. The plugin offers all the features to quickly generate the relevant reports and downloads the tables in Excel, CSV or in your memory ready to Copy/Paste.

From $59.95

EDD Custom Payment Status

EDD Custom Payment Status is a plugin for those EDD stores who have the custom requirement for payment history and earning reports management. This brings unlimited custom payment status creation, custom payment status in earnings and sales reports and also payment history page with the counting of orders like default EDD statuses.

From $29.95