This is our collection of plugins for eCommerce stores using the WordPress platform. With WordPress, you can optimize it with over 45,000 plugins to help your website meet your needs. You can either add an online store, galleries, mailing lists, forums, analytics, and many more!

You can check out our specially designed plugins for WordPress right below. Rest assured, these plugins are all tested and used in our own eCommerce stores.

UpsellMaster (Free)

Plugin Purpose The UpsellMaster Plugin offers a comprehensive solution for eCommerce businesses seeking to optimize their upselling strategies. Its key features include one-click automation, swiftly calculating suitable upsell products, and …


WordPress Plugin Development Services

Welcome to our WordPress Plugin Development Services, where we specialize in crafting custom plugins tailored to meet your website’s unique requirements. Our expert team excels in delivering innovative solutions to …

From $1,000.00

WordPress Maintenance Services

We understand the critical importance of a well-maintained website and reliable hosting for your online presence. Our dedicated team offers a suite of services encompassing top-tier hosting solutions and meticulous …

From $100.00

WordPress Customization Works

We specialize in offering top-notch Professional WordPress Custom Services tailored to meet your unique WordPress Development needs. Our team of skilled developers are dedicated to crafting personalized solutions that elevate …

From $30.00

Commission Manager Pro

Plugin Screenshots Why do you need this plugin? Commission Manager Pro is a plugin designed to enhance the functionality of your e-commerce websites by providing the ability to implement an …

From $69.00

Simple Page Access Restriction

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Did you ever required to show certain pages to logged-in users only? You might have found a variety of WordPress Plugins to do this but most of them are too …


WordPress Plugin Template Boilerplate

This repository offers an open source WordPress Plugin Template with many useful functions, specially to prepare basic widgets, short codes and settings page. The aim of this Boilerplate Template is to …


DigiFly Free WordPress Theme

DigiFly is a simple, but great Free WordPress Theme to start a WooCommerce or an Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) web store from scratch.


How To Effectively Upsell On Your EDD WordPress Websites?

Upsell in WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads also aids in the rise of conversion rates. Buyer intent is high, thus they’re more likely to complete the purchase because these pre- and post-purchase offers are targeted to your consumer at a convenient point in their trip.


Widget for Zendesk Chat via API

This plugin loads Zendesk Chat widget (formerly Zopim chat) via API with a slight time delay.


EDD Product Versions

What is this Plugin all About? EDD Product Versions enables product versioning for all of your products and allows you to (1) generate additional revenues from selling updated download versions …

From $89.00

UpsellMaster PRO

The UpsellMaster Plugin uses a data-driven algorithm to automatically calculate suitable Upsells for each product via a 1-click calculate all button. You can display Upsells or Recently Viewed products throughout your website in the form of Carousels and Lists to increase your store’s sales. Optimize your Upsell Strategy by changing the settings of the algorithm and tracking the sales results from Upsells. Save hours of manual work defining Upsells by using this plugin which calculates the best possible Upsells in 1 click.

From $99.00

EDD Requests Plugin

This plugin helps you to trigger more engagement with your visitors by offering them a contact button on the download product and author page where they can quickly submit requests for assistance and upload attachments. Requests are added on tracking lists in the vendor and admin dashboards to ensure systematic follow-ups.

From $49.95

EDD Enhanced Sales Reports

This is a WordPress plugin extension for Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce stores which provide detailed sales and profits reports in order to obtain a better understanding from where sales and profits come from.


Freelancer Marketplace Plugin

A plugin that will turn your EDD WordPress website into a total Freelancer Marketplace. Be able to obtain project bids using an easy to follow workflow.

From $199.00

EDD Plugins Bundle

If you are looking for ways to enhance the conversion of your Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) WordPress Website and having a hard time to individually purchase some essential plugins needed to power up your EDD Store, then purchase this EDD Plugins Bundle.

From $300.00

PayPal Adaptive Payments

PayPal Adaptive Payments Plugin works best with EDD Frontend Submissions and Commissions extensions in operating your Digital Product Marketplace. This works by automating your vendor commissions by instantly and automatically splitting third-party commission up to 6 receivers. This way, it will save you a lot of time in manually paying vendor commissions.

From $89.00

EDD Enhanced Sales Reports Pro

The EDD Enhanced Sales Reports Pro Plugin offers additional analytics and reporting features to better understand where sales and profit data come from. The plugin offers all the features to quickly generate the relevant reports and downloads the tables in Excel, CSV or in your memory ready to Copy/Paste.

From $59.95

EDD Custom Payment Status

EDD Custom Payment Status is a plugin for those EDD stores who have the custom requirement for payment history and earning reports management. This brings unlimited custom payment status creation, custom payment status in earnings and sales reports and also payment history page with the counting of orders like default EDD statuses.

From $29.95

EDD Landing pages for Categories and Tags

The EDD Landing pages for Categories and Tags Plugin allows you to edit Download Category and Tag Description using the WordPress built-in rich-text editor and also adds a new text field below the Downloads listed on the download category & tag pages.

From $29.95

WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags

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WooCommerce Landing pages for Categories and Tags Plugin allows you to edit the Product Category and Tag Description using the WordPress built-in rich-text editor and included is also an additional new text field below the Products listed on product category & tag pages, to give more SEO potential for your web store pages.

From $29.95

Mailchimp Vendor Email Trigger

The MailChimp Vendor Email Trigger lets you add each new vendor registration to your Mailchimp Email list and flags each vendor as such. You can then trigger an email automation workflow for your newly added vendors.

From $39.90
WordPress is an open source software which you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. They provide beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. Therefore, it is no wonder why WordPress is considered as one of the most popular tools for starting a website.

According to WordPress statistics, 32% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. Whatever any user desires their website will be, they are free to design it however they wanted. In other words, WordPress platforms are very convenient too for everyone to use.