This repository offers an open source WordPress Plugin Template with many useful functions, specially to prepare basic widgets, short codes and settings page. The aim of this Boilerplate Template is to save time for WordPress Developers in building high-quality plugins.

The Source Code of this Plugin has been made publicly available on Github.

Note: This plugin is intended to help WordPress Plugin Developers.

Framework Features

  • The WordPress Plugin Template Boilerplate is based on the Plugin APICoding Standards, and Documentation Standards.
  • Templates for WordPress widgets and shortcodes.
  • Template to create fast-loading setting page.
  • Includes EDD Software Licensing System, which allows you to sell your plugin by using Easy Digital Downloads and manage future access to plugin updates.
  • Popup to collect User Feedback when deactivating the plugin
  • All classes, functions, and variables are documented
  • The WordPress Plugin Template Boilerplate uses a strict file organization scheme corresponding to the WordPress Plugin Repository structure. This makes it easy to organize the files of your plugin.
  • The plugin template includes a .pot file as a starting point for internationalization.


The WordPress Plugin Template Boilerplate can be installed directly into your plugins folder “as-is”. You will want to rename it and the classes inside of it to fit your needs. For example, if your plugin is named ‘example-me’ then:

  • rename files from plugin-name to example-me
  • change plugin_name to example_me
  • change plugin-name to example-me
  • change Plugin_Name to Example_Me
  • change PLUGIN_NAME_ to EXAMPLE_ME_

It’s safe to activate the plugin at this point. Because the WordPress Plugin Template Boilerplate has no real functionality there will be no menu items, meta boxes, or custom post types added until you write the code.

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