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Another great feature of this WordPress plugin is that it provides a detailed Upsell Sales Report of the results of your Upsell Strategy. The report comes with filters, a chart and calculates a variety of Key Performance Indicators so that you can obtain deep insights into your sales performance of your WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads Store.

The Upsells Reports Summary comes with the complete list of all products which were offered as Upsells and Recently Viewed via this plugin on your website.

Here you can find the following details:

  • Upsell product
  • Base product (the product which triggered the Upsell)
  • Customer
  • Location in which the Upsells has been displayed
  • Sales Value of the Upsell , and others.

It is important to keep track of what your best-selling Upsells and Base products are because it can help you optimize your upsell strategy better. Also you can track which are the best locations on your website to either display Upsells or Recently Viewed products.

A summary shows you the relevant Key Performance Indicators of your Upsell Strategy – how much is your Upsell value, how many Upsells have been bought, what are your best Upsells and Base products, Top Orders and Customers and many more indicators.

You can also apply a variety of filters to put your focus on certain Upsells, Base products, time periods, display locations, customers and orders  and others.

Understanding and studying your Upsell Report regularly can help you in optimizing and enhancing your Website Conversion Strategy. Use our WordPress plugin to enhance the Sales of your eCommerce Store! You can read our Product Documentation Page to learn more about how to use these features.