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When you buy this plugin, you can choose between 3 plans:

  • Single Site License
  • 3 Site License
  • 10 Site License

Here are some helpful information in determining how many sites your license covers.

  1. Local installations do not count against your activation cap – You can use your license key on an infinite number of local WordPress installs in addition to the number of live websites included in your subscription.
  1. Using a Multisite – If you have a WordPress multisite then each site counts as a separate ‘site’. For example, if your multisite consists of 5 sites then you will need the Business license which covers up to 6 sites.
  1. Using a development site – If you want to use our plugin on a live site as well as a staging site on a different domain, you’ll need a license that covers 3-10 sites. You only need a single site license if you wish to construct your website on a staging site and then remove it once it goes live. You can deactivate the license key on the staging site and activate it on your live domain once your website is up.
  2. Testing the plugin on 1 site, and then upgrading the license key later – You can upgrade your license key later to use on multiple sites and just pay the difference.