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View the Freelancer Marketplace Plugin live in action by clicking the below button:

How to use the Demo Server?

Here are some points on how to use and navigate the demo server.

  1. Enter your email address at the Home Page to request your own demo server. Check your mail inbox and spam folders afterward to find the email that will be sent to you.
  2. Click on the link or use the login details included in the mail. Your own demo server includes a detailed view of the backend settings and functionalities of this plugin.
  3. At the frontend, have a look at various pages to check and see how the plugin looks like during work execution and processes.
  4. At the backend, have a look at how the settings will be useful and work for you.
  5. Feel free to look around!

If you have any pre-sale questions on how this plugin works, please contact us.

Previous Chapter | Table of Content