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In this documentation, we provided all the setup and installation instructions you need to do to use our EDD FES Statistics Plugin. If you haven’t acquired this plugin yet, please also visit the plugin’s download site.

Once you acquire a copy of this plugin, just follow the steps below on how to set up and install properly for it to work on your web store. Moreover, it is very simple and fast, so you don’t have to worry!

1 Prerequisites

In order for this plugin to work correctly you will need the following:


2 Plugin’s Objective

The main purpose of this plugin is to provide a full summary of the vendor’s earnings and payouts right on the Vendor Dashboard.

The EDD FES Statistics plugin solves prepares a page that will be added to the FES Vendor Dashboard and to the Vendor Profile Page in the Admin Area to make it easier for third-party vendors to understand the monthly commissions earned and their payout status.

3 Plugin Installation

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Select Plugins on the left and Add New.
  • Select Upload Plugin.
  • Select the Browse Button to install the zip file with the plugin.
  • Activate the plugin if needed.


4 Vendor Dashboard Earnings Summary

This new page added by our plugin will help vendors to easily check how are their sales and payouts going. This page will show them:

  • Products Counter (Total Product, Active, Pending)
  • Best Seller Products and corresponding Total Earnings
  • Total Earnings (Current/Last Month, Current Year, Lifetime)
  • Free and Paid Orders (Current/Last Month, Current Year, Lifetime)
  • Free to Paid Conversion (Current/Last Month, Current Year, Lifetime)

Once a sale has been made with corresponding commission percentage, this stats will automatically be updated and show the current amounts of earnings and orders.

5 Statistics Page on Admin Area

The site admins can access this new page on their WordPress backend by going EDD FES > Statistics. In this page, the site admins can see the list of all Vendors and their earnings and payouts statuses.

  • Filter Box – Here, they can filter the list by Vendor and by Time Period. Also, they can search the Vendor’s Name instead. They can also tick the Active Vendor’s box on the upper right of the box to only show active vendors.
  • Recalculate All – Push this button to quickly update all amounts on the table.
  • Clear All – Push this button to clear all current values of the Vendor’s Earnings (Paid/Unpaid), Free/Paid Orders and Free to Paid Conversion Percentage.
  • Stop Recalculate Process – Push this button to immediately stop the recalculation process is the button is mistakenly pushed.

This table basically shows the Site Admins Vendor Details such as:

  • Vendor Name and Email Address
  • No. of Products
  • Total Earnings
  • Total Paid/Unpaid Amount
  • No. of Free/Paid Orders
  • Free to Paid Conversation Percentage

5 Vendor Profile Statistics Page

Another new page added by our plugin is the individual Vendor Statistics Page that can be found right on the Vendors Profile Page, by going to EDD FES > Vendors > Click the Vendor > Statistics.

On the upper right of the page, the site admins can individually check the following summarized amounts of the Vendor:

  • No. of Sales to Date
  • Earnings to Date
  • Unpaid/Paid Earnings
  • Revoked Earnings

Next, there is also the Recalculate All and Clear All buttons here for the site admins to use on the list.

Lastly, the table below is basically the exact copy of what the Vendor can see on his/her own Vendor Dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If there is anything that you’re confused about or if you run into any problems, please don’t hesitate to Contact us. We will get right to you and help you with the best we can as soon as possible.