Are Upsells Data deleted after recalculation or not?

This depends on the configurations on the Settings page. To do this, go to Settings > General Settings > Keep Upsell Data For. Here you can define how many months or years you want to keep Upsells data or just never keep it. After that, the plugin will automatically clean it.

Can I exclude a specific Download Categories/Tags when generating Upsells?

Yes. There are two ways to do this:

First, is by going to the Settings Page > Algorithm Logic > Exclude Categories / Tags. Here you can enter the specific Download Category or Tag that you want to be excluded when generating Upsells throughout your website.

Another one is to go to the specific base product, scroll down to the page, and enable exclude and define upsells you don’t want to be generated for this base product.

Can I upsell Bundles?

Yes. You can also upsell normal products of your store, not only bundles. However, you can choose to only offer Bundles as Upsells if you wish so.

Which pages can I display the Upsells?

You can display your Upsells and Recently Viewed Products on a number of pages:

  • Product Pages
  • Checkout Page
  • Purchase Confirmation Page
  • Sidebars (via the Widget)
  • Any page/post (via the ShortCode / Gutenberg Block)