Here you can see all available shortcodes you can use when the EDD Advanced Shortcodes plugin is activated on your website, and how these shortcodes look like when placed on any of your chosen blog page or posts.

Downloads List

Here are some variety of product list types you can do using our shortcodes and many attributes.

Most Viewed

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-downloads columns=”8″ description_length=”50″ load_more=”true” orderby=”views” number=”8″ title_length=”10″ ]

Best Rated Products

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-downloads columns=”6″ description_length=”50″ pagination=”true” orderby=”rating”number=”3″ orderby=”rating” title_length=”10″ ]

Recently Viewed Products

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-downloads columns=”7″ description_length=”50″ pagination=”true” number=”3″ orderby=”recently_viewed” ]

Daily Random Product Pick List

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-downloads columns=”10″ description_length=”50″ pagination=”true” number=”8″ orderby=”random” thumbnails=”false” buy_button=”false” title_length=”10″ ]

Downloads Carousel

Be able to create a carousel slider of all your downloads using below shortcodes.

Most Viewed Products Carousel

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-carousel auto_play=”true” columns=”6″ description_length=”100″ orderby=”views” number=”8″speed_second=”1″ title_length=”10″ ]

Best Rated Products Carousel

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-carousel auto_play=”true” columns=”7″ description_length=”50″ orderby=”rating” number=”8″speed_second=”1″ title_length=”10″ ]

Daily Random Product Carousel

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-carousel auto_play=”true” columns=”10″ description_length=”100″ orderby=”random” number=”8″speed_second=”1″ title_length=”10″ ]

Recently Viewed Products Carousel

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-carousel auto_play=”true” columns=”8″ description_length=”100″ orderby=”recently_viewed” number=”8″speed_second=”1″ title_length=”10″ ]

Authors List and Carousel

This is what the authors list will look like when below shortcode is used on a page under a multi-vendor marketplace website.

Author List

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-authors columns=”8″ description_length=”50″ load_more=”true” number=”10″ orderby=”sales_count” ][/text][vc_single_image image=”25237″ img_size=”full”]

Author Carousels

[ edd-advanced-shortcode-authors-carousel auto_play=”true” columns=”10″ description_length=”50″ number=”10″ orderby=”sales_value” ]

Reviews List

Showcase your product reviews using the below shortcodes:

Most Recent Product Reviews

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-reviews columns=”8″ number=”9″ review_description=”true” review_description_length=”100″ orderby=”comment_date” ]

Reviews Carousel

Show a carousel slider of your product reviews using below shortcode.

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-reviews-carousel auto_play=”true” columns=”6″ number=”9″ review_description=”true” review_description_length=”100″ orderby=”rating” speed_second=”1″ ]

Sales Notification List

Create a Recent Sales Information List using below shortcode.

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-sales-notification columns=”6″ number=”12″ thumbnails=”true” ]

Sales Notification Carousel

Create a Recent Sales Information Carousel using below shortcode.

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-sales-notification-carousel auto_play=”true” columns=”6″ number=”18″ thumbnails=”true” speed_second=”1″ title_length=”10″ ]

Popup Sales Notification

You can notice the popup sales notification that you can find on the bottom left of this page. It shows because the below shortcode is executed on this page.

Shortcode: [ edd-advanced-shortcode-popup-sales-notification ]

Why purchase the EDD Advanced Shortcodes Plugin?

  • Best present your products in a list/carousel.
  • Maximizes the number of products to show per page by creating an up to 10-column list/carousel.
  • Show visitors purchase activity (Sales Notification Popup) to increase webstore’s sales conversion rates.
  • Be able to use carousels to animate products, authors, reviews, and recent sales list.
  • Optimize product presentation based on different screen sizes or device types.
  • Be able to list down your Product Reviews to enhance your store’s credibility.
  • Create a sense of urgency for the customer to purchase your products by showing your Recent Sales Data in a List/Carousel.
  • Greatly enhance your website’s navigation related to products, authors, reviews, and sales data.