Vendd PS Edition

Get your Vendd PS Theme for FREE and make your EDD Landing Pages for Download Categories and Tags Plugin work correctly.

Vendd EDD Theme PS Edition

What is Vendd PS Theme?

Vendd PS is our own version of the Vendd Theme. This is needed for you to make the EDD Landing Pages for Download Categories and Tags Plugin work correctly. So, if you haven’t acquired the plugin yet, you can simply click the link above.

Vendd is a full-featured marketplace theme for Easy Digital Downloads. It supports extensions and other handy WordPress plugins needed for your eCommerce store. It is built and designed by the EDD team. Vendd’s top priority is to help you as a store owner and to get the most out of the EDD ecosystem.

Therefore, we created our own Vendd PS to work together with our plugin. This is to further support our plugin and provide a better theme for you. Plus, it is for free! So, take advantage of this opportunity and install it in your EDD store now!

The following two files have been updated for two additional functions:

  • taxonomy-download_category.php
  • taxonomy-download_tag.php

Vendd Version 1.2.3 tweaked by Plugins & Snippets

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