• Systematically follow up on abandoned carts
  • View Content of Abandoned Carts and Lost Sales Value
  • Issues time-limited discount codes
  • Uses Mailchimp email automation to send follow-up emails
  • Tracks recovery of abandoned carts
  • Statistics: Key Performance Indicators

Introduction: The EDD Plugin which pays for itself!

This plugin was created, specially designed to recover abandoned carts for Easy Digital Downloads(EDD) stores by using Mailchimp. Here are some reasons why you should consider using Mailchimp for your abandoned cart recovery process.

  • Mailchimp is one of the largest email marketing service provider, and it is commonly and especially used by many small and medium-sized businesses to aid them in their email service needs.
  • It offers a lot of know-how solutions that will be a lot of help and use to the daily email service needs of your eCommerce web store.
  • It enables you to conduct a lot of different processes and strategies on your email services which makes it a very flexible and effective email marketing service provider to use.
  • You can have your customer email data all in one place with a brand that is well-known and trusted by many business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Mailchimp is not only good with their email processes but they also offer essential statistics and key performance indicators that will give us a better view of how our email marketing service is actually doing.

Why using Mailchimp for Abandoned Cart Recovery?

Recovering abandoned carts is a strategy used by many top eCommerce businesses. Such customers normally are very close in their decision to complete the purchasing of a product and can be called “warm leads”.  Important now is to put a process in place to systematically following up with an email series on any abandoned cart.

The prospect simply needs a gentle push which can be done via this plugin by offering a time-limited discount to motivate and drive customers to close the purchase within a limited window of time.

Successful abandoned cart processes lead to a recovery rate of 10% – 20% of abandoned carts by converting a lost sale into a recovered sale. Meaning 1 out 6 potential customers who are still undecided, might decide to give it a try and follow through on their purchase intent. If you assume an average ticket value of $20 – $50 you will quickly figure out that this is a strategy with an excellent return on investment.

Our plugin was specifically designed to optimize the abandoned cart recovery process for Easy Digital Downloads stores, therefore it’s a true EDD plugin. We also re-worked it completely trying to improve what we can and now have issued a reworked version. Putting in place an effective abandoned cart recovery process in most cases is a must-have for your Easy Digital Downloads store of for any eCommerce Website.We will explain how the EDD WordPress Abandoned Cart plugin works in the following video. You can also see the full documentation here.

How this plugin works?

Learn how the whole abandoned cart recovery process is done using our plugin by watching the video below.

Plugin Key Features

Performance Statistics of your Abandoned Cart Process

Check and track the performance statistics and key performance indicators of your abandoned cart process. The statistics you can see are: a) Information regarding your Abandoned Carts and their Lost Sales Value, b) Recovered Sales and Orders when the discount codes are used and, c) Other Key Performance Indicators.

These statistics can give you a clearer picture of the current status of your abandoned cart process and how your abandoned carts recovery workflow is working for your business, and here you can have an idea where and what to improve on your side.

Detailed list of all abandoned carts and contents

See a full list of all your abandoned carts, along with the necessary details about each entry.

Also, you can now have a look at the abandoned cart contents to see what products your customers left on their abandoned carts.

Issue time-limited Discount Codes

Automatically create unique time-limited discount codes per prospective customer who abandoned their shopping carts. This strategy can effectively attract those customers and therefore increase the chance of them returning to proceed with the purchase and checking out using the issued discount codes. Take note that there’s an option to Turn ON / OFF the creation of discount codes.

Issue time-limited Discount Codes

Send email automation series via Mailchimp

Target those leads who abandoned their carts and setup an email series and try to get those customers to follow through with their purchase intent. Hence, the need for a plugin, which triggers such a workflow and sends abandoned cart customer data to MailChimp, and will therefore use the automation processes of MailChimp to send the email series needed for this workflow.

Send email automation series via Mailchimp

Take note: Our plugin automatically syncs pending abandoned carts to your Mailchimp Email list every 15 minutes. But, you can also force synced those abandoned carts by pressing the Sync with Mailchimp button.

You can learn more how to do this by reading the Documentation page here.

Other Plugin Highlights

Here are other features that could be of interest and help to your abandoned cart recovery process.

Enable/disable Abandoned Cart workflow

Have the option to turn ON or OFF the abandoned cart workflow without even uninstalling the plugin.

Clean Abandoned Carts List in One Click

Be able to clean your Abandoned Carts List in a single click by pushing the “Clear List” button. On the settings page, you can set a Clear List Action (Unsubscribe or Delete) when pressing the Clear List Button. When a purchase is completed, you can also opt in the settings whether to delete/unsubscribed the customer from your list or not.

Trigger abandoned cart emails for existing customers as well

Now cover all your customers, new or existing ones, in sending out the abandoned cart recovery emails.

Button to ensure your abandoned carts are properly synced to Mailchimp

Previously, your abandoned carts are automatically synced into your Mailchimp email list every 15 minutes. Now, this new feature allows you to force sync your abandoned carts in one click by pushing the “Sync with Mailchimp” button. You can either wait for it to get synced or force sync it with just one click.

Spam Protection

Here’s a solution to protect your abandoned cart process away from bots and spammers. The way this work is that your abandoned cart process will stop if the set limit of pending carts is reached.

Improved feature to cleanup issued discount codes

Delete all inactive, expired or used discount codes with the same Prefix as stored on your system database in just one click! Saves you time in manually deleting these codes and allowing more space for incoming discount codes to be generated by your abandoned cart process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to make this work?

You first need a Mailchimp account and create a new list for customers who abandoned their carts. Then you need to install the plugin. The next steps would be discussed step by step in the documentation page.

Do I need a subscription with Mailchimp?

Yes, your mailchimp account needs to allow and support email automations. We believe you will need a subscription for that. Pricing normally depends on number of email list subscribers.

How to get API Key in Mailchimp?

After logging in Mailchimp, you need to go to Account > Extras > API Keys. Then, select the grey button at bottom left “Create key”. Now you will have your MailChimp API key ready.

How do I connect my Mailchimp group to my EDD Store?

Upon installing this plugin, you can simply go the Plugin Settings to configure and connect your EDD Store to your Mailchimp Email List. For the complete step by step instruction, please visit our documentation page.

Can I turn OFF the abandoned cart workflow?

Yes. With the plugin’s new update, you can now able to turn ON/OFF the abandoned cart workflow without even uninstalling the plugin.

Can I turn OFF the auto discount code from generating?

Yes. You can turn OFF discount code or can Delete auto generated discount codes regularly(weekly/monthly) to clean your DB optimized.

How can I create a Discount Code merge field?

On the Plugin Settings > Choose a Merge Field to store Discount Code, you can directly create your own Discount Code merge field in one click if you don’t have any at the moment.

Can I see the abandoned cart contents?

Yes. As a new feature of this plugin, you can now able to see the details on the abandoned carts right on the abandoned cart list.

What happens when a purchase has been completed from your abandoned cart list?

There is a new settings called “Order Completion” that lets you choose whether to Delete/Unsubcribe the customer from your abandoned cart list, depending on the Clear List Action set on the Settings, after the purchase has been completed.

What are the new performance statistics added to track?

Number of abandoned carts, issues discounts, lost sales value, recovered carts and sales value, recovery rate, recovery value, and others.

Can we track if the discount codes are used or not?

Yes. With the plugin’s new update, we can now track and see the recovery value when a discount code is used.

Are discounts stored in EDD?

Yes they are stored in EDD and you will have full transparency on all discount codes issued via this plugin as they can be identified by the same prefix.

Does this plugin sends email to guest customers / visitors?

Yes. EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart Plugin will send email to Guest Customer if they inserted Email address in the checkout page of the store and leave without successful payment.

Can I clean my Abandoned Cart Lists if I want to?

Yes, a feature of this plugin is now you can clean up your Abandoned Carts Lists, by clicking on the Clear List button. On the settings, you can also set the Clear List Action, either to be Unsubscribed or Deleted on your MailChimp Email List.

Get I get my money back if I’m not 100% satisfied?

Yes. We provide a money back guarantee for 14 days should you not be satisfied with our product and we will issue you a refund.

Will you charge me every year?

Yes. In order to receive updates and support we charge an annual subscription fee. However, you are free to cancel the subscription at any time.

Can you help me set this up?

Kindly check out our documentation page. If you still need further support, kindly contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Recover your Abandoned Carts now!

The purchase price includes plugin related support and updates for 1 year.  Afterward, if your license expires, keeping the EDD plugin installed is possible. But, you can only receive further plugin support and updates if your license will be renewed.

Single Site License

$49.95/ yr.

3 Sites License

$74.95/ yr.

10 Sites License

$124.95/ yr.

We would gladly help if you have any questions regarding this plugin. Simply contact us and we will get right back to you as soon as possible.

Plugin Meta Data

  • Current Version 2.3.3
  • WordPress: Tested up to Version 6.0.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads: Tested up to Version 3.0.1


Version 2.3.3 – May 12, 2023

* Fix: Licensing and Plugin Updating Process

* Fix: General Fixes

Version 2.3.2 – April 19, 2023

* EDD Pro Plugin Compatibility

Version 2.3.0 – July 21, 2022

* EDD 3.0 Compatibility

Version – June 02, 2021

* EDD 3.0 Compatibility
* Setting page enhancement
* Option to remove all plugin data when uninstalling it.

Version 2.2.1 – Apr 06, 2021

* Fixed issue on the settings page due to new EDD Version

Version 2.2 – Oct 24, 2020
* Checkout page link updated
* Fix Layout of Admin Cart List
* Fix: Undefined index bug
* Update Sync Product function for Product Recommendation
* Fix: Minor bugs

Version 2.1 – Oct 03, 2020
* Resolved JavaScript Conflicts
* Fix Existing Customer flow
* Minor bug fix

Version – Sep 30, 2020
* Resolved Download CSV file bug
* Added new time period shortcuts to filters cart list
* Minor bug fix

Version – Sep 29, 2020
* Enhanced cart list in admin
* Bug Fix for Existing Customer abandoned cart
* Javascript Error resolved.

Version – March 30, 2020
* New case added for Cart status Refused.

Version – March 25, 2020
* Enhanced wording of settings page
* Added setting to choose between unsubscribe / delete when cleaning the abandoned cart list
* Enhanced algorithm to clean the abandoned cart list
* Fixed several bugs to keep cart list clean
* Fixed warnings and error notices in PHP error log
* Updated pot file for plugin translation readyness

Version 2.0.1 – December 31, 2019
* Plugin action links bug fixed.

Version 2.0.0 – December 25, 2019
* Enhancement of settings: Turn ON/OFF flow and One-click Discount code Merge field for Mailchimp List.
* Option to trigger abandoned cart emails for existing customers as well.
* Abandoned cart list on Admin Dashboard.
* Statistics of Abandoned carts: Abandoned Carts, Recovered Orders and Key Performance Indicators.
* Improved Manage MailChimp Stores.
* Various bug fixes.

1.0.9 Supports multiple Payment Gateways

1.0.8 Discount code ON/OFF and Delete Expired Discount Code Features added

1.0.7 General bugs fixed.

1.0.6 MailChimp Order bugs fixed.

1.0.5 MailChimp Order Data Implementation.

1.0.4 Licensing bugs fixed.

1.0.3 Settings page improved.

1.0.2 Plugin Update and Site Connection bugs fixed

1.0.1 Licensing system bugs fixed

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