• Detailed Sales and Profit Tables
  • Reports by Products, Ordered Products, Orders, Countries, States, Customers, Vendors and Subscriptions
  • Average Revenue per User / Average Profit per User
  • Average Revenue per Vendor / Average Profit per Vendor
  • Period Gross Earning Charts
  • Rich Collection of Important Sales KPIs
  • Detailed Search Filters and Sorting
  • Download all report details in Excel and CSV


This WordPress Plugin is intended to serve as an add-on plugin to better understand sales and profits generated from your Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce store.

Tracking sales and understanding where the sales come from is essential when you look to optimize your Easy Digital Downloads store. The EDD Enhanced Sales Reports Pro Plugin offers additional analytics and reporting features to better understand where sales and profit data come from. The plugin offers all the features to quickly generate the relevant reports and downloads the tables in Excel, CSV or in your memory ready to Copy/Paste.

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Plugin Highlights

a) Sales and Profits Reports Dashboard

The dashboard gives you a full overview of all sales and profits related information, especially KPIs needed to monitor your webstore’s sales revenue flow. Here we also show you a Gross Earnings Chart to see the trend of your everyday sales transactions.

You will also have here a list of Top Products, Top Customers, Top Orders, Top Countries, Top States, Top Authors/Vendors and Top Subscriptions.

b) Report by Products

The report by product allows you to see, among all your products, which generated how many sales in which time period. You can also see how much revenues (ARPU) and profits (APPU) you are making, as well as Average Products Per Order, Average Order Value (AOV), and many other important KPIs.

This can allow you to better allocated your marketing budgets to the respective products. Simply click on the links included in the report to filter your list and understand where the sales are coming from.

c) Report by Ordered Products

The report by ordered products shows a list of all products ordered, allowing you to see how many products are sold, Gross Earnings, number of discount codes used, Net Earnings, Total Commissions, Total Profit, AOV, and many other important KPIs.

d) Report by Orders

The report by orders shows a list of all orders made on your webstore, allowing you to see how many products are sold, Gross Earnings, number of discount codes used, Net Earnings, Total Commissions, Total Profit, AOV, and many other important KPIs.

e) Report by Countries

The report by country allows you to compare your sales by the country from which customers purchased them. Which countries do generate the most sales? The countries that generate the most profits (when deducting discounts and vendor commissions)? Ones who showed the highest average revenues per user (ARPU), average profits per user (APPU), average order value (AOV), and many other important KPIs.

d) Report by States

The report by state is similar to the report by country but is done on a state level. Especially for the US, it can be very helpful to have this report at hand. Since this provides data if you need to know which states you are selling to.

e) Report by Customer

This report filters your sales data by the customer. Which customers generate the highest revenues? How many unique orders, Gross/Net Earnings, Total Commissions, Total Profit, Average Order Value (AOV), and others. These are the average revenues per sale per customer to compare them even more.

f) Report by Vendor

For multi-vendor EDD marketplaces, we created the report by the vendor which filters your sales data by a vendor. Here you can find out which vendors generate most sales and profits. In addition, the data about which vendor managed to get the highest ticket size per sale.

g) Report by Subscription

The report by subscription is important to monitor and track the performance of selling subscriptions on your webstore.

Please check out the EDD Enhanced Sales Report Pro Plugin Documentation page for more explanations on how this plugin works.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this great plugin to better understand where sales and profits from your Easy Digital Downloads store are coming from.


Get the Enhances Sales Reports Pro Plugin!

Note: All paid subscriptions below includes the latest plugin version as well as plugin support and updates for 1 one year.

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Plugin Meta Data

  • Current Version: 1.1.37
  • WordPress: Tested up to Version 6.0.1
  • Easy Digital Downloads:


Version 1.1.37 – May 01, 2024

  • Fix: Exported Excel File from Ordered Products Page shows messy data on the Customer column.

Version 1.1.36 – January 23, 2024

  • Fix: Mathematical Error on the Reports Dashboard.

Version 1.1.35 – January 08, 2024

  • Fix: Fetch commissions data in lookup population only if plugin is active

Version 1.1.34 – October 23, 2023

  • Fix: PHP Warnings

Version 1.1.33 – May 15, 2023

  • Fix: Licensing and Plugin Updating Process
  • Fix: General Fixes

Version 1.1.31 – March 09, 2023

  • Fix: Report sorters not working when filtered using large date range.
  • PHP 8 Compatibility

Version 1.1.29 – February 28, 2023

  • Added Top 10 Orders Chart on Orders Tab
  • Added Top 10 Products List on Products Tab
  • Added Top 10 Customers Tab
  • Added KPI Metrics and Charts on Subscriptions Report
  • Added KPI Metrics on Products Report
  • Added Product List in Payment History Table
  • Added Grand Totals to every Reports
  • See Last 24 Hours Sales in Dashboard
  • Improved WP Standards Compatibility
  • Other General Improvements

Version 1.1.18 November 07, 2022

  • Added a Dashboard page for quick glance of KPIs
  • Added Gross Sales Charts on ever Reports Tab
  • Added lot of KPIs on every Reports Tab
  • Added New Filtering Options
  • Added Ordered Products and Subscriptions Reports
  • Reposition Setting and Licenses as new tabs
  • General Improvements

Version 1.1.7 Aug 23, 2022

  • Improved: SQL Date Query
  • Improved: Report Fetching Code

Version 1.1.5 Aug 16, 2022

  • Enhancement: EDD 3.0 Compatibility
  • Tested up to WordPress Version 6.0.1
  • Removed Time Comparison and Custom Reports (are obsolete and will not be maintained anymore as they are rareley used)

Version 1.1.0 Aug 23, 2021

  • Tax Column added for all the reports
  • Tested up to WordPress Version 5.8

Version 1.0.8 – October 19, 2020

Addressing several error notices and warnings in the PHP Error log

Version 1.0.7 – December 10, 2019

Bug Fixes

1.0.6 Country search filter reworked so that now all countries are listed per default. User interface updated to quicker filter search dropdown fields, admin dashboard fonts issue solved by updating plugin assets

1.0.5 Enhanced Sales Reports menu shifted under Downloads Menu in order to prepare the plugin for EDD 3.0

1.0.4 General improvements & compliance with EDD Updates

1.0.3 Documentation updated and Calculation Bug Solved

1.0.2 Bug Fixed

1.0.1 Documentation updated for each report

1.0.0 Initial release

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