Simple Page Access Restriction

Did you ever required to show certain pages to logged-in users only? You might have found a variety of WordPress Plugins to do this but most of them are too …


WordPress Plugin Template Boilerplate

This repository offers an open source WordPress Plugin Template with many useful functions, specially to prepare basic widgets, short codes and settings page. The aim of this Boilerplate Template is to …


DigiFly Free WordPress Theme

DigiFly is a simple, but great Free WordPress Theme to start a WooCommerce or an Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) web store from scratch.


How To Effectively Upsell On Your Website? A Guide For Woocommerce And Easy Digital Downloads

Upsell in WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads also aids in the rise of conversion rates. Buyer intent is high, thus they’re more likely to complete the purchase because these pre- and post-purchase offers are targeted to your consumer at a convenient point in their trip.


Widget for Zendesk Chat via API

This plugin loads Zendesk Chat widget (formerly Zopim chat) via API with a slight time delay.


S3cmd Bucket Backup Script for DigitalOcean Spaces & Amazon S3

To upload the script via SSH, the following:

1. Upload the zip file containing the S3cmd bucket-backup script via scp command from your local computer to your server droplet via SSH: “scp /Users/username/ [email protected]:/root “)
2. Make sure the Unzip library is installed on your server – SSHH: apt install unzip
3. Unzip the file on the server: SSH: unzip so that a directory “/bucket-backup/” is created
4. Review and enter the installed folder /bucket-backup/ via SSH by using cd command
5. Execute the file via SSH: “sh” command.
6. Open the (SSH: cat for more information

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EDD Product Versions

What is this Plugin all About? EDD Product Versions enables product versioning for all of your products and allows you to (1) generate additional revenues from selling updated download versions …

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EDD FES Vendor Statistics

This plugin is essential to motivate vendors by providing them with monthly sales statistics and insights into conversion rates (Free to Paid Products).

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The UpsellMaster Plugin uses a data-driven algorithm to automatically calculate suitable Upsells for each product via a 1-click calculate all button. You can display Upsells or Recently Viewed products throughout your website in the form of Carousels and Lists to increase your store’s sales. Optimize your Upsell Strategy by changing the settings of the algorithm and tracking the sales results from Upsells. Save hours of manual work defining Upsells by using this plugin which calculates the best possible Upsells in 1 click.

From $99.00