Best Abandoned Cart Plugins for Easy Digital Downloads Store

Best Abandoned Cart Plugins for Easy Digital Downloads Store

When shopping at eCommerce Stores such as Shopify, it is very often when customers abandon their carts without proceeding to checkout. Hence, eCommerce Stores resolved this by trying to recover abandoned carts as there is a high chance to get more sales by targeting those customers who already were in the process of buying their products.

This has become a standard and proven tactic in eCommerce to increase conversion rate and get more sales. You can also apply this tactique for any product you are selling online. The important thing to deal with, is to do this systematically and automatically, in order to get the best results – maximizing sales conversion rates. How can you accomplish that? By setting up a process to systematically follow-up on every abandoned cart. We have therefore created the EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordpPress Plugin to setup such process for an Easy Digital Downloads webstore.

How do Abandoned Cart Email Series Work?

Abandoned cart email series capture the email addresses for any intended purchase who didn’t come through and did not end up in a sale. The tool therefore needs to check with the sales data of the eCommerce Store if a purchase has been made or not. If not, the prospective customer is added on a separate mailing list targeted towards recovering abandonded carts.

Just a little while after the customer left the website, an email is sent showing the shopping cart left on the store and offering a unique and time-limited discount, if he follows through with his purchase. A great tactic to luring and baiting customers to finally finish the transaction with a sale.

If you want to know more and be best advised with coming up with a good sales pitch included in the emails, there are eCommerce specialists who exactly know how to express such messages. We recommend you to consult with a Shopify expert for this.


Time Limited Discount Codes to Motivate Customers and Create a Sense of Urgency

According to the studies in marketing, the buyer’s behavior when it comes to products that goes on “sale” or given a “limited discount” are nearly always positive and attract more potential sales due to their sense of urgency. So, as part of the sales tactics included in our Abandoned Cart Plugins, we added this feature which will add even more allure for best improving sales – Personalized and Time Limited Discount Codes.

Our plugin especially focuses on creating personal and time limited discount codes in order to motivate prospective customers to follow through on their intended purchase. As the discount code is time limited, aside from the discount given, this creates some urgency to finish the transaction within the time limit, which will then help to push sales in conclusion.


Comparison of Abandoned Cart Plugins for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Stores

Below we provide a comparison of all the Abandoned Cart solutions we are aware of for Easy Digital Downloads stores. See how our Abandoned Cart plugin compares to other Abandoned Cart solutions such as CartHook and Jilt for EDD eCommerce stores.

Below, we provided a table comparison of all the popular Abandoned Cart solutions we are aware of for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) stores. There, you can see the difference on how our Abandoned Cart plugin compares, to other Abandoned Cart solutions such as CartHook and Jilt for EDD eCommerce stores.

CartHook Jilt Plugins & Snippets
Capture guest eMails YES YES YES
Personalize emails - YES YES
Send eMail Series YES YES YES
Track eMail Open Rates YES YES YES
Track click-through rates YES YES YES
View Revenue Data YES YES YES
Issue personalized and time-limited Discount Code - YES YES
Mailchimp Integration - - YES
Cost per Month Starting at USD 50/Month Starting at USD 29/Month Starting at USD 4.20/Month*


* Payable per year and needs a valid Mailchimp account

Abandoned Cart Plugins for EDD

eCommerce stores selling digital products which are using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) can use EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart WordPress Plugin to recover abandoned carts and follow up efficiently, through targeted email series.

As many users use Mailchimp for their Email campaigns, we concluded that the simplest abandoned cart solution will be, if you can link your EDD website with your Mailchimp account. This way, all email addresses are collected and stored in Mailchimp, saving you the hassle of having to work with different email service providers as you send your email campaigns.