You make backups of all the data your website consists of for safety precautions when you backup your website. That way, you can still restore the original version of the web if anything goes wrong. 

What’s going to happen to your website? Currently, quite a lot. Hackers can attack your website, an upgrade may go wrong, a plugin can be hacked, a big website change does not work out, etc. 

The bare minimum that you can do to protect your WordPress website data is to install a backup plugin or solution. A quick search in the database of the WP plugin would reveal that you have plenty of choices and the right choice can be difficult to make.

Top 5 Reasons why you should Backup your Site

Will you be able to restore anything if your server crashes? What if you lose all the work you’ve done over the years on your WordPress website? 

You are in need of a backup solution for your website if you know the answers to these questions. But it is important to know the importance of backups for WordPress websites before getting into the specifics of WordPress.

  1. Plugin Conflicts – This is the number one reason why a backup on its own is required by any eCommerce store. We could have loads of free/paid plugins from various sources and developers installed. Incompatibility or conflict with other plugins on your website with only one plugin can cause a huge risk and failure on your part, as it can hurt and ruin your entire website. That is why you need to have a backup ready at all times.
  2. Development Updates – There will be damage to your website, such as plugin disputes, various applications, system, and technology changes. While it is important to always be up-to-date, updates are still susceptible to various types of viruses, or even system conflicts. The webmasters know that the websites are at risk when they are updated, so they need adequate backup in case of injury.
  3. Testing – Whenever you want to make a big change to your site, the best way to do so is to use a testing environment. That way, if something goes wrong during or after the update, you can stop it from affecting your live website. You will see if the implementation project succeeded in an earlier configuration of your program if you have a backup, and if you don’t, you can still only go to the previous version of your framework.
  4. Viruses and Malwares – Websites may be affected by different problems, such as Trojan horses, bugs, and other malware. This may impact your website by other parties who, when breaching the armor of the firewall, access your device. Other files that can damage your computer and website get downloaded with them. It is really important to retain the backup via the website backup service, as it gives you more control about how to deal with such malware.
  5. Human Errors – Often you might have unintentionally changed something on your pages when working in your shop, or removed valuable material that looks like it can no longer be retrieved. Often the errors are significant enough to make it hard to lose important data. It will help revive the data by preserving backup and additional storage. This is very important and, to keep you safe and sound, there are several different backup services available on the website.

If you work on your website easily to make it popular among others, you need to learn about the risks and problems associated with this. There is no protection for your files, material, and data. Yet you are helped by it. If something goes wrong, then your support will be the backup, the harm by holding the backup and providing the necessary ‘website recovery services.’

Top 10 Backup Plugins for WordPress websites


BlogVault is a great backup plugin used by more than 400,000 blogs, and comes with a trial version. It is a website management solution all in one that manages a handful of tasks effortlessly, such as: 

  • Normal backups
  • WooCommerce backups
  • Restoration
  • Integrated staging
  • Migration

A prevalent WordPress WordPress backup service is BlogVault. It is not only a plugin for WordPress, but a solution for Software as a Service (SaaS). This separately conducts offsite backups on BlogVault servers, so the load will be nil on your computer. 

BlogVault provides an automated regular backup of your website and also allows you to manually create unlimited on-demand backups. It features smart full backup that synchronize just incremental modifications for reduced server load. It means the site works optimally.

It’s more than just a plugin, I would say, because it shoves the weight off your shoulders. Here are some of the extra things that you can do with BlogVault: 

  • Check your website’s performance.
  • Check the uptime status of your websites.
  • White label option to hide the branding
  • Upload several backups to Dropbox

You can handle several sites with it, not to forget, and also enjoy customer service that comes back in just 24 hours. Be sure to make use of their 7-day free trial if all that sounds interesting!

JetPack Backup

 A solution by Automattic is Jetpack backup, formerly VaultPress (parent company behind WordPress). This approach is suitable for those who need to make a 1-2 blog backup.

I would recommend searching for another option that doesn’t cost you too much in recurring monthly payments if you need to take backups from different blogs. Otherwise, the Jetpack backup is a great solution for a single blog and helps you to fully recover your blog from a backup.

In the private plan, once a day, Jetpack backup allows a full backup of your blog. With just one click, you can restore a backup to your blog. 

The service they offer is what I like about them. Since the WordPress experts are behind the people, your backup & security blog is in good hands.

WP Migrate DB Pro

Using WP Migrate DB Pro to remove the struggle behind transferring databases. This plugin will migrate your database, theme, media, and plugins with just one click, while also dramatically cutting your efforts short. You should also backup the data before transferring it, to be on the safer side.

This plugin compares the two endpoints before fiddling with any of the files and detects whether there are any duplicates to prevent them from being transferred. You may prevent certain post types or unwanted material, such as spam comments and transients, from being transferred. 

Furthermore, you can save the migration settings once you’re finished migrating, so that next time you don’t have to set preferences from scratch. If in the process you experience some question, then there is a fantastic support team to solve all that.

ManageWP Backup

A common service for managing multiple WordPress sites is ManageWP. We have been using  ManageWP to handle all the backups and site management of many of our websites. How quick it is to optimize, update & track your blogs all from one dashboard is what I like about ManageWP. 

As such, ManageWP is one of the most versatile applications for WordPress management. For each of your pages, the free tier provides a monthly backup and enables you to individually activate or disable the option as required, even though we can’t imagine why you would like it!

As well as gradual backups, ManageWP provides real-time security. That means it takes a backup of just those files that have changed instead of taking a full backup each time that slows down your server. It is then uploaded to the infrastructure of their cloud storage. 

In summary, from one single dashboard, ManageWP lets you handle all of your WordPress-powered websites. That means you can access everything from one location, no more back and forth between multiple WordPress dashboards. Only fast. Practical. Just fast. It is also extraordinarily simple to use ManageWP. The gui is a breeze to use, and offers useful tooltips to help explain how each section works.


Duplicator lets people to backup all WordPress files in zip format, allowing various web servers to save them offline and transfer them.

The capacity to replicate your preset pages is one of the key benefits of using the Duplicator. Rather than manually configuring your favorite themes or plugins, Duplicator lets you configure a single account and bundle everything. It allows you to shift your pre-configured WordPress platforms to different locations, thereby eliminating the need for reworking.

Duplicator lets you schedule backups, transfer files to cloud storage and send email updates to yourself, like any other WordPress backup plugins. It does not allow you to build automatic scheduled backups that make a regularly managed site less than ideal. 


For those of you who are looking for backups, migrations and security features all in one plugin, VaultPress would most definitely be your best bet. It was designed by Autommatic, the WordPress creator itself.

You can set up automatic backups with ease when this plugin is allowed. In an off-site digital vault, everything is stored. VaultPress may also be used, in addition to backups, for site migrations, file repairs, and restorations. 

VaultPress also has a calendar display feature, making it easy to search, update and restore content from past backups. But the dashboard of VaultPress varies from other WordPress plugins you’re used to. This small navigation error has no effect on the efficiency and use of the plugin itself.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

With a rating of 4.9/5, UpdraftPlus is WordPress’s most common backup solution. It contains all the functionality you will like to backup your blog with WordPress. 

The most popular free WordPress backup plugin available on the internet is UpdraftPlus. About 3 million websites make use of it. This allows you to make and store a complete backup of your cloud WordPress site or save it to your computer. On request, the plug-in supports both expected backups and backups. You also have the option of choosing which files to back up.

This plugin stands out because of its multiplicity of backup options. You can also get a free 1GB of storage for the UpdraftPlus Vault with UpdraftPremium (their cloud storage).

More than just backups, UpdraftPlus provides a lot more. It also has a feature for cloning & migration that allows you to move a WordPress site from one host to another easily. UpdraftPlus is the perfect alternative for someone who has several WordPress sites. You just need to configure it all once and after that, you don’t have to think about the backups of your blog. 

UpdraftPlus also has a paid option that includes website conversion or cloning add-ons, database search and replacement, support for multiple pages, and many other features. The premium edition also allows you access to prioritized assistance.

All In One WP Migration

All In One WP Migration will easily export your entire WordPress website to wherever you want, carefully designed for even those with limited technical knowledge. Some of the features that are noteworthy include:

  • Works on all hosts and operating systems
  • Uploads in small chunks, allowing it to bypass maximum upload size
  • Compatible even on mobiles
  • Up to 20 different cloud storage options
  • Works well even without any PHP extensions

This plugin exports your WordPress website with no technical expertise required, including the database, media files, plugins and themes. Upload your site with a drag-and-drop on WordPress to another venue. During the export method, an opportunity exists to add an infinite number of find and replace operations to your database. Also, the plugin will repair some 

Problems with serialisation that arise during the process of find/replace. 

This plugin works well on all versions of WordPress. All In One WP Migration can be downloaded and used for completely free.


BackupBuddy is a premium plugin that allows you, within a few taps, to backup, restore, and transfer your WordPress websites. Including the media library and the archive, it will backup your entire web. 

You may opt to manually back up your site or schedule it to get the work completed automatically at your desired times. You can save the data into one of their large external storage options after the backup is completed and restore it within a fast time.

The key highlight of this plugin is that your database can also optimize and restore it. Cool pretty! If your specifications are limited, you can catch this plugin for as low as $48. Otherwise, higher plans are still available.


With more than 500,000 active downloads, BackWPup is a well recognized backup plugin. The plugin protects the entire installation, including files, and provides Dropbox, S3, FTP and more with an online backup. Also, to restore your files, you just need a .zip file, quite easy.

Searching for a secure, stable plugin to backup and restore? Then, for you, BackWPup is an excellent option. Although the free edition has a paid version, it already has the key features to back up the website. You can also program your site’s full backups. You can either opt to back up online providers such as Dropbox or save your own computer to a file. 

Using the automated phpMyAdmin, BackWPup will also help you archive, search and restore your database. It is also very quick to restore a WordPress account from your backup. Priority support, the ability to store backups on Google Drive, as well as other fun features come with the BackWPup Pro version.

Conclusion: WordPress Backup Plugins are essential in maintaining your website in the Long Run

It is very important to back up the website, so owners do not have to take the risk of losing their business. It’s not an easy thing to start your company from scratch to preserve the security of the data available. The website’s backup services and educational papers provide data on the importance of website backup. In a few years, as many instances that have made webmasters rethink their thoughts and company are seen. 

Your blog is backed up every day by several web hosting companies. For those who are using a controlled WordPress hosting service such as Kinsta or WPEngine, this is particularly true. This ensures that you don’t have to set up a backup device for a third party.

You’ve just passed phase one to make your site secure and reliable when you use the above WordPress backup plugins to back up your website. It is important to handle a disaster if you want to protect data from trouble on your website. 

I hope the plugins above help you from losing the data from your website. Both of these are quite highly rated, so your backup and migration will be done very smoothly, so you can be assured.