For a long time, landing pages have been a success. A landing page often brings in the right traffic, whether a new product is launched or a particular service or product.

Unfortunately, a landing page is sometimes mistaken for a website’s homepage. This can happen to someone who is totally inexperienced or new to the design industry or who does not have adequate knowledge how to do it.

Despite being the final step towards your advertisement campaign, your WordPress landing page should always be on your priorities. But it can often be a challenge to create a landing page that converts.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the page on your website that a visitor comes to after clicking an ad, seeing a social media posts or others. Inexperienced marketers frequently direct to their homepage all of their PPC traffic, but this can be a major mistake. For providing a premium experience for visitors and driving conversions with a targeted message that suits the needs of each customer, specific landing pages tailored to different offers are important.

Landing pages can also be a foundation of successful online marketing. Your deal may be perfect and be tailored for your PPC ads, but your company is bound to struggle without a good landing page. Your layout of your WordPress landing page must be flawless.

So what makes the landing page a perfect one? How do you make cool landing pages that boast conversion rates? To make it happen, we will walk you through what you need to do.

10 Tips in Creating Effective Landing Pages

Here are the best tips of how to create landing page for your websites:

Clean and Organized Design

Your page design’s look, sound, and overall layout will have an immense impact on the success of your landing page that drives conversions.The main purpose of your landing page should be to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to convert, so it is important that all aspects of your page work towards the goal of conversion, whether it is filling out a form, buying a product, subscribing to a mailing list, and others.

An efficient design of the landing page allows use of color, layout, design and and eye-catching images intelligently. Some button colors, such as red or green, are said to improve landing page conversions, but above all, make sure that your button color and your background contrast strongly. To ensure a successful landing page, you can test several different button attributes. Test color, placement, and size to discover the most efficient landing page layout.

Trust Signals

Strong landing pages use confidence signals abundantly, which can mean that their offer a trustworthy brand to visitors. Trust signals can take a variety of different types such as testimonials, product reviews, customer endorsements and others. This can also be achieved with interaction counters, which drive through likes and shares from different social networking sites for a more subtle type of endorsement.

Make Your Page Mobile Friendly

Do you know how long it takes to load your landing page on mobile devices? Fredrik Lindberg, Bannerflow Product Manager,’ says that optimizing the campaign from mobile to desktop is important and is something everybody should do. To ensure conversion across platforms, scale your landing pages for all devices.

According to Google, after 3 seconds, 53 percent of visitors to a mobile site leave if the page fails to load. Even more shocking, it takes over 70 percent of online landing pages over 7 seconds to load above the fold. When nobody sticks around to see them, stunning landing pages are useless.

High-Quality Content

Don’t be cheap with your content to offer your visitors instead provide rich, useful content as long as it’s essential. Nice, trusting content encourages faith and trust. You don’t want to smother visitors with details unnecessary details.

Remove Page Distractions

The goal is to make it as easy as possible for visitors to convert, having as little and as few barriers. It should always be obvious about the next move. Depending on what your target conversion is this technique varies. If it’s form submissions, create something enticing to fill-out. Make a button if it’s a download that begs to be pressed.

Call-To-Action Buttons

Your call-to-action is normally the second biggest chance to increase the conversion rate. Keep it short, use of 5-7 words is highly effective. Use value verbs and when possible, instead of verbs that indicate what the prospect has to do such as Send.

Encourage Social Sharing

The most powerful way to market your website is by social media.Once you get the opportunity, invite individuals to share your offer. They’d definitely want to tell people about it if they enjoy it.

You can use features such as social sharing icons right on your page or link text saying to share this contents with your friends.

Easy To Understand Contents

It’s important that your visitors can easily understand what is it that you’re offering. It’s estimated that you have about 8 seconds to persuade users to stay on your website, so value proposition needs to be fast and convincing. Make it easy to search while creating a landing page by highlighting your primary point in the headline by using sub headings and bullet points for added info. Use fonts and colors to show the hierarchy of details.

Contain Relevant, Quality Images

Eye-catching and appropriate photos makes a more appealing website and a better overall user experience. Consider incorporating visual hints to show what the visitor should do next. You can go with arrows on the obvious option, or try something more creative, such as making the focal point of the page a bright CTA.

Optimize for SEO

Have search engines find your landing page by optimizing it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Increase the probability of your landing page appearing prominently on the results page of a search engine (SERP) by using suitable keywords in the URL, headlines and in the text of the page.

Why Category and Tag Pages are suitable to serve as Landing Pages?

When we speak about “landing pages,” we typically mean a page explicitly designed to receive and convert traffic and optimize it. We need a landing page, therefore, because it will help improve the conversion rates of your website and reduce the cost of receiving a lead or sale.

One of your most strong landing pages can certainly be your download category and tag pages. These pages already have your items on their own, so you just need to customize and make the most of these pages directly in order to get a sale. The issue now is that Google typically does not find these pages because it is not designed for SEO as there is not enough space to add even more text and images.

So, right now, our aim is to ensure that your landing pages for download categories and tags are SEO optimized to drive a large amount of traffic and thus rank in the leading search engines. With the use of this plugin and its efficient shortcodes, we will certainly achieve that.

EDD Landing Pages for Categories and Tags Plugin

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) web stores come with custom category and tag pages which offers very limited editing possibilities which forgive a lot of SEO potential. There is no meaningful text editor available to add more content to pages such as images, texts styles and formatting and others which are needed to become further optimized for SEO purposes. It also limits you to only add text above the downloads listed on those pages.

To best optimize your category and tag landing pages for SEO, there needs to be an extensive text field (content) added below the downloads listed on the custom download category and tag pages, and this plugin would be of excellent help for you.

EDD Landing Pages for Categories and Tags enhances text fields and adds button and dropdown filters on your download category and tag pages to turn them into better landing pages. The plugin allows you to upload one image per download category and tag. Several shortcodes are included in the plugin which can be used to create directory lists, simple lists, and carousels of your download categories and tags to be placed on any page of your website. Enhances the user experience and site navigation for your visitors.

Acquiring this plugin will definitely help you optimize your pages for SEO, by allowing you to create text and information-rich category and tag pages which will definitely give your web store a better chance to rank high in the leading search engines such as Google or Bing.


The above methods may actually take some time and effort, but we guarantee that they are absolutely worthwhile to do. Give it a shot and you will see how simply you can optimize and improve your landings page that surely can increase your sales conversion rates.

Also, trying out the EDD Landing Pages for Categories and Tags will definitely help you optimize your Download Category and Tag pages for SEO, by allowing you to create text and information-rich category and tag pages which will definitely give your web store a better chance to rank high in the leading search engines such as Google or Bing.

Making sure that your WordPress landing pages convert as well as rank for SEO is a recipe for true success. Now, you already know some very important steps to make your landing page better and effective.