Best Extensions for EDD Marketplace

Best EDD Extension for Marketplace

Best Extensions to Add to your Easy Digital Downloads Marketplace

Do you want to start an eCommerce store but don’t know what extensions, plugins, or addons to add as you build a working EDD marketplace? Even if you start your own eCommerce store early or late, raising sales conversion rate is a big problem for every owner. You have to ensure that every opportunity is taken to gain more customers and sales of your products.

To do this, managing your website into more customer-friendly is one of the solutions. But, there are a lot more which you can do to further develop your store. It’s the internet generation where efficiency is always sought after in everything. Thus, to give the solution to almost every online store owner’s problem, tools with features that will help one’s EDD marketplace grow are used. If you want to learn more, then please read on!

We have compiled a list of our Top-Favorite Extensions to make your Marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads work best.

The Best Extensions for EDD Marketplace list:


Frontend Submissions (FES)

Frontend Submissions provide an all-round package to turn your EDD powered store into a marketplace platform capable of handling multiple vendors. This plugin is essential to add third-party vendors to your marketplace and to help you extend the products listed to be sold.

The package consists of the following features such as a Vendor dashboard, Commission Tracking, Vendor and Product Moderation, Email Notifications, Drag-and-Drop Form Builders, Vendor, and Customer Communication, Product Reviews and Vendor Feedback, and one which is coming soon, Bookings integration.

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MailChimp is one of the Best Email Marketing Software which is a must-have to be installed in your EDD store, as it provides a wide range of automation features that will help you convert more sales and gain more subscribers.

This plugin enables you to automatically organize your subscribed customers into different lists used for automated email campaigns. It also includes features such as eCommerce reports and other automation tools inside your MailChimp account to help keep track of your sales conversion and to create various automated campaigns.

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Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments is one of the best plugins to help create and sell products with automatically recurring subscriptions. Instead of selling products one-time, it allows you to create or to set up a subscription-based business model and create recurring revenue. You want the best for your store and that’s to be able to yield more sales by taking advantage of repeating customers.

You can take advantage of features such as flexible recurring payments, multiple subscriptions, customer email list, payment gateway support (e.g. Stripe, PayPal, etc.), free trials, signup fees, subscription management, renewal revenue reports, discount codes, and many more.

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Software Licensing

If you are selling digital software, plugins, themes, video games, any desktop applications, or other digital products, then you need the Software Licensing extension by Easy Digital Downloads.

Provided in this plugin are complete license key generation, activation, and checking system. Helping you with providing license keys for your digital products. Some of its features aside from creating license keys are providing Support, managing licenses, API, renewals, etc.



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With the Reviews extension, leaving a review of the products in your store is easier and quicker. It allows you to either enable or disable multiple options regarding leaving a review for each product.

This reviews extension provides a management interface for moderating, approving, deleting, and replying the product reviews, and customer reviews control for determining which products you prefer to have reviews or who can leave reviews, and many more options for moderation.

Included are features such as HTML5 Microdata which allows Google and other search engines to find and display the product reviews in search results; enforcing word limits on the reviews; option to easily embed reviews; and close or disable reviews on a per-download basis to control the influx of new reviews and only sticking with the ones you prefer.

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If you’re hosting an online store with a marketplace system, especially when you have multiple vendors and want to split the revenue, then this Commissions add-on is definitely must have.

With this extension, it allows users to receive earnings on a commission basis, keep track of every commission whenever there’s a sale, generate CSV file of all unpaid commissions which can be used for PayPal’s mass payment system or any ways you prefer to process the commission payouts. In addition, it contains a reports page showing how much commissions you have distributed over time.

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PayPal Adaptive Payments

If you’ve installed the Commissions add-on, then this extension is a great addition for your EDD store.

Sometimes, there will be cases that commissions are unpaid. When paid through PayPal, Commissions can be paid immediately to vendors reducing all admin workload.

Just by simply adding this extension, you’ll be able to connect your store to the PayPal Adaptive Payments gateway where you can easily split payments with up to 6 different receivers at the same time. You will also be given options on how much commission to distribute and whether it’ll be a chained or parallel payment.

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Another add-on that allows you to accept credit cards directly to your online store through your Stripe account.

This extension also supports the Recurring Payments extension so no worries if you have it currently installed too.

This plugin also allows saved cards for a faster checkout. So, if you’re looking for another option of payment gateway for your business, you can consider this great extension.




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EDD Purchase Gravatars

By adding this plugin, it enables you to display Gravatars of customers who have purchased your product. By running through the customer’s email on, it will be listed and, in the future, will show the customer’s Gravatar when they purchase your product more than once.

It includes features such as the ability to set a heading to display above the Gravatars, Gravatar size limit, setting a minimum number of unique purchases before Gravatars are shown, setting maximum number or Gravatars to show, an option to only show customers with Gravatar account, and lastly, randomize the Gravatars.

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EDD Wishlist

Convert more sales by giving potential customers the ability to save and share their favorite products from your webstore by simply adding this EDD Wishlist plugin.

This plugin provides a pressure-free way to save products to be reviewed or bought later and the ability to share their wish list to their friends, family, or acquaintances. It supports the ability to make an unlimited number of wish lists for registered users and for guest users to be allowed to store their own wish list but only within a limited time (30 days or until cookies are cleared).

You can also view and manage behind the scenes such as disabling guests from creating lists, enabling social media sharing services, and many more.

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PDF Invoices

Providing a complete system for generating invoices for all customers is what this plugin does. Basically, it allows you and your customers to easily download invoices of any purchases. Some customers will want to have a copy of their purchase or a receipt, so by acquiring this plugin, it will be possible.

It included features such as being allowed to tailor invoices and customized it to one’s preference, ready-made invoice templates, and many more. This plugin is undeniably a good add-on for your online store.

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EDD Landing Pages for Categories and Tags

A very convenient tool to use, this plugin is perfect for raising your web traffic by increasing its SEO potential. It allows you to edit the Download Category and Tag description section. Also, you can create text and information-rich landing pages by providing you a new text field below the products listed in the download category and tag pages. By taking advantage of the text fields provided, you’ll be able to add a lot of keywords for SEO, thus, helping you raise your web traffic and potentially gaining more interested customers.

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EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart plugin connects EDD with MailChimp and triggers abandoned cart email automation. It gathers the email addresses entered in the checkout page of those that didn’t complete their transactions, thus abandoning their carts with existing products.

The automated mail will serve as a follow up to grab a potential sale. One of its features is it can create automatic and unique time-limited discount codes per customer which you can use in your MailChimp email campaign to further attract potential customers to complete their abandoned carts.

There’s also a clean-up function to delete expired discount codes so you need not to worry about deleting it manually, and an ON/OFF button to create the discount codes whenever you want.

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MailChimp Vendor Email Trigger

Another function of this plugin is it connects you to MailChimp as it lets you add each new vendor registration in one of your email lists in MailChimp to trigger an automated mail recognizing the vendor’s registration and at the same time flagging each vendor as such, thus, separating them from the customers and will have a different set of automated emails instead.

This is a very convenient tool for managing customers and vendors, especially if you are running a marketplace with multiple potential vendors.

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All in One SEO Pack Pro

Get the Pro Version of All in One SEO Pack to enjoy features such as:

  • SEO for Categories, Tags, and Custom Taxonomies
  • Video SEO modules designed for all types of users
  • Generate and submit an XML Sitemap to Google and Bing
  • Set Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords for Download Categories and Tags for more SEO potential
  • Social media integration which means you’ll be allowed to control how your content will look like on different social media platforms
  • and many more perks you can enjoy to further help your store known.

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Social Login

Social media is undeniably one of the best places for Marketing and gaining reputation no matter what business you’re in.

Especially nowadays, where almost everyone has a social media account which they use to log in different platforms.

The faster a customer will be able to create an account or log in during checkout, the more likely they are to complete the transaction.

Thus, to take advantage of this trend, you need to acquire this plugin. Using this plugin will help your store connect with several social media platforms. Moreover, to ease the process of logging in or registering for customers that prefer to use social media. This EDD social login is also compatible with WPML, Better WordPress Minify, bbPress, YOAST, W3 Total Cache, BuddyPress, etc.

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Zendesk Chat

A must-have plugin for your store is this Zendesk Chat. This plugin is one of the most popular live chat providers used by over 150,000 businesses.

It is easy, simple, and highly customizable chat widget that you can install in your website. It provides you with a dashboard to monitor the visitor activity and to manage several chats. Plus, it is also available in over 40 languages!

There are key features that you can enjoy included in the plugin:

  • Mobile Optimization where a customer can chat with you from any device e.g. mobile phones
  • Proactive chat where you can set automatic triggers to raise the chance of engagement with visitors
  • Advanced Analytics showed on the dashboard provided to further manage and monitor visitor flow, patterns, etc.

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W3 Total Cache

Recommended by countless web developers and web hosts, this plugin is very helpful for your website.

The W3 Total Cache will help you improve your SEO and user experience of your website. Simply by increasing its performance, meaning, reducing the download times by utilizing features such as content delivery network (CDN) integration.

You can benefit a lot just by simply adding this to your website. Above all, you can enjoy a lot of key features which will further enhance your site performance.


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EDD Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

If you want to know if your eCommerce business is doing good or not, then you better start tracking data. Tracking is one of the most important things to do in any kind of business. Big or small, all data gathered will serve as a report on how your business is doing. The same with your eCommerce business.

By simply tracking data about product performance, market trends, sales, etc., you can use it to further enhance your business and come up with resolutions to garner more sales in the future. This plugin will help you with that by providing you features such as Track purchases, Track add to cart, Track remove from cart, Track product impressions, Track refunds, and many many more features that you can benefit from.

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Affiliate WP

Start your own affiliate program on WordPress by simply installing this addon. This addon is easy-to-use and a reliable WordPress Plugin. Providing you with affiliate marketing tools to help grow your business and raise sales conversion.

By utilizing this plugin, your store will have a higher visibility on the web. This is due to affiliates trying to promote your products or services. Therefore, boosting traffic to your website and raising the possibility of increasing sales.

Included in this plugin are the following features:

  • Easy setup
  • Accurate affiliate tracking
  • Complete integration
  • Real-time reporting
  • Unlimited affiliates, Affiliate area, automatic affiliate creation, and Easy affiliate management
  • Coupon Tracking
  • Referral link generator and Referral rate types
  • Easy registration
  • and many more features which you can enjoy and use to further grow your eCommerce store.

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There are many more existing plugins, extensions, or add-ons that can be helpful for your eCommerce business. In the future, we’ll further enhance this list of the Best Extensions for EDD Marketplace. To sum it up, we plan to add more plugins to help develop websites and raise eCommerce store conversions.